Thursday, December 17, 2009

Something to read

Domicile Conjugal
Domicile Conjugal
Tender is the night

The darker nights of the year are not just good to eat cookies and drink tea - they are perfect to hang out on the couch and read a lot.
I got my hands on some nice magazines and books this week. When I get a magazine I tend to read it with starting from the very end and working myself through it until the the first page. I am most of the times so excited that I usually examine the magazine by briefly looking through all the different articles...stop at some images and articles which attract me and than make a little list in my head which article I should read first.

The first little orange book shows very pretty drawings made by the Japanese artist Yuka Katagri it is her first published book and I think it is very nice.

There is this really great magazine store in Berlin called "Do you read me?!" which is in Berlin-Mitte and sells all sorts of great magazines which don't have a high circulation and are sort of hard to get. When I was looking for some Christmas gifts I saw the "apartamento" magazine and ordered it. It has such great images of all sorts of apartments all over the world in it and I was thinking to try to get the older issues too.

At a little book sale I could get my hands on this Berlin guide which is made very beautifully and shows a view special spots in Berlin, like Paul Knopf (engl. Paul Button) a store in which you will definitely not find any zippers but all sorts of buttons. I can't wait to go on a little trip to Berlin anytime soon.

The NEON magazine is a German magazine which I like because of their good topics and nice way of writing but especially because of their really great images. They are most of the times the cherry on the cake and fit perfectly to the articles...

"Tender is the night" I got as a gift from my boyfriend. It is one of his favorite books and I think I will start reading it tonight. I like to start reading a book but I need to know that there is enough time to at least read so many pages that I can sort of "find into the book" is the same with finishing a book...I stopped reading the last pages of a book in the subway the other day because I wanted to give it more attention and just waited until I was at home. : )

What are you reading at the moment?



Anonymous said...

i go through my magazines the same way. inherently, we must be japanese! from these images, your mags look like fun reads -- thanks for sharing a few samples.

as of now, i'm halfway through My Life in France by julia child. makes me dream of moving to paris someday.

Marion said...

The Berlin guide is very cute. What is the title of it ? Where can I find it ?

ktinka said...

lustig. den knopf paul laden hab ich letztens auch fotografiert! <3

schorlemädchen said...

@Katrina: Thanks for your nice comment : ) I just watched the movie Julie&Julia the other day..I am sure it is an amazing book which just beams you straight to Paris
@Marion: Hi Marion...thanks for your comment: It is a TASCHEN book called Berlin shops&more...and it really pretty nice with little maps of all the neighbourhoods there..
@Ktinka...Ist aber auch ein super Motiv ....lieber Gruß

Trixi said...

Das Apartamento Magazin sieht toll aus!

Zuletzt habe ich im Urlaub "Die Karte meiner Träume" gelesen, das hat mir sehr gut gefallen. Und ich brauche jetzt dringend einen würdigen Nachfolger...

Marion said...

Fantastic ! thank you ! I'm going to buy it right now !

Fine Little Day said...

So much goodies!
I´m reading a swedish magazine called Filter with a lot of good interesting text.

Maria Helena said...

Apartamento is so refreshing , i love it, this issue is very good, i recommend the previous one too.
I'm a sucker for magazines, i 'm reading Elephant Launch issue, it´s a new magazine about art & visual culture, a real treat. Besides that i'm reading Nick cave's Bunny munro, and 'the Arquitecture of happiness by Allain de botton.

Zelda was a writer said...

tender is the night is a rendez-vous with something special and poetic. your boyfriend gave you a little piece of everything! enjoy yourself!
camilla from milan