Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The licence to knit


I remember when I was in year 5 I could choose between crafting class in which you learned how to knit and sew and in which you seriously made a sewing "drivers licence" (! ) and arts class in which you could paint and work with all sorts of materials like wood and papers and in which we went out in the park with our teacher to find inspirations and wouldn't just sit on a table with our needles. It seemed so much cooler and I loved it.

My mom used to work in a crafting shop and is just a genius in knitting. When I look at all the jumpers, socks, scarves and mittens she made for my brother and me when we were young. Norwegian patterns, knitted ice cubes or apple trees on a jumper, it seems there was nothing she couldn't make...
She tried to convince me to go into crafting class but as rebellious I was to this time I didn't want to and there I was painting and wearing my painting-apron: acquarell-like, with carbon pencils ....while the other half of the class was getting their drivers licence in sewing.

Now I really regret that I missed out on such things and also that I always did a little crafting at home with my mom and learned a bit to sew and knit the wish grew the last years to get better with such things. I wanted to be able to create things with my hands. Knit my own scarf and hat.
Well, I got some wool at home at my moms favourite wool shop and asked her to help me starting my own little knitting project.
She is very proud that I try and I am happy to see my little snood scarf growing and growing with every round I knit.

: )


Trixi said...

Same here!

Habe es als Kind nie gelernt, obwohl meine Mama da auch einiges konnte - aber ich denke, sie hat es mir absichtlich nicht aufgezwungen, weil sie mir mehr Freiheiten lassen wollte, als sie früher hatte. Jetzt würde ich mir auch gern das eine oder andere Teil stricken, aber ich habe es noch nicht so toll hinbekommen. Das kannst du mir dann ja mal zeigen, hehe ;)

thatkate said...

I cant get enough of knitting at the moment. I need to next learn to knit in the round and make some hats! Your project sounds fun! That cloud cushion is very cute too.

jenna said...

oh wow, how lucky you are to have such a crafty mother! it looks like your knitting has started really well, i hope it continues! :)

jana said...

hello, it's the first time i comment here. for me it's been quite the opposite with my mum: she doesn't sew or knit or anything, and i browse the internet to learn all that now by myself (slooowly). maybe i can convince and show her afterwards :)
your snood looks nice and soft!

schorlemädchen said...

@trixi: ich bin ja noch in den anfangszügen, aber sobald ich kniffe und tricks drauf habe bin ich gerne zum austausch bereit; ) es macht echt spaß soll hier in HH ja auch eine art strickklub geben habe ich irgendwo gelesen : )
@that kate: thanks for your sweet comment kate..oh hats...great idea I think i will stick with scarves for a while..but it sounds like a future project...the cloud cushion is from Donna Wilson...
@jenna: thanks for your nice comment Jenna
@jana: i think it is so great to start projects, like knitting..and no matter what it turns out to be there is something which you made with your hands...what I think it just great : )

Maria ; )

Trixi said...

Ja so einen Flyer hab ich hier zufällig grad liegen: Jeden 1. & 3. im Monat, 19-22h in der Karo-Ecke ;)

schorlemädchen said...

: ) ich würde sagen, da packen wir mal unsere Woll-knäule und Nadeln und versuchen unser Glück?!

Trixi said...

Ja klar, das können wir gern mal machen. Kostet natürlich auch was, aber ich denke das ist okay :)

Ulrika said...

What a cute story. It is never too late to take up knitting, I am doing the same, I think I wasn't ready for it before ;)

Happy new years!