Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Ok, Summer!

Sydney - Camp CoveSydney skyline - Camp CoveSydney - Camp Cove

After going over and over the photos I took in our last weeks in Sydney I decided it is time now to show you some of them. Ok, Summer, here we go. Get ready for some blue skies, sunny weather, bare legs & sandals.

Also, those of you who follow me on Instagram might have already read about some news I am 'carrying' with me close to my heart since the last nine months. We are expecting a little baby to arrive in just a few more weeks (or anytime really). We are so excited and the last months have been really a big whirlwind with moving countries, apartments, getting ready for a all seems a bit crazy and I hope it explains why I have been a bit quiet here on this blog. Hope you are all well x

Sydney - Camp Cove

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Jacaranda Trees

Jacaranda time in SydneyJacaranda time in SydneyJacaranda time in SydneyJacaranda time in Sydney

There has been so much on over the last couple of weeks and I am sorry that I haven't found much time to update this space. We have been busy moving into our new place and adjusting back to Germany while missing Sydney and the warmer weather. I found a new photo studio picked up a role of film this week. I had looked forward to seeing the shots I took in our last weeks in Australia and it was so interesting to see them, remembering the last days of farewell and enjoying our life there.

It is good to be back and nice to have now all our things around us again after living out of a suitcase for three months which was not so much fun in the end and we are starting making plans for this year which is already a month and a bit old (crazy!).

The shots above show the wonderful Jacaranda trees which I love so much and which were colouring the city and had started blooming just a few weeks before we left.

Have a great weekend,