Sunday, December 13, 2009

Flea market

flea market
flea market
flea market
flea market
flea market
flea market
flea market find
I love weekends. They are like little holidays to me. And I sometimes like to have little traditions, like going to the farmers market getting fresh veggies, biking to a nice café to read in a book or the paper and stroll over the flea market to find some treasures or just to look at the funny and bizarre things they sell there. There is this all-year-fleamarket close by which I like to browse. It is very central which means that lots of people go there and it is sometimes hard especially when you are late to find something but every now and than it happens and I carry real treasures home.

I remember that I wanted to find something with this nice Catherine Holm pattern for a very long time. On one Saturday when my sister was visiting me we went to the flea market and I even told her about my hunt before. And there it suddenly stood, lonely and beautifully orange on a table. I got so excited and couldn't believe it and sort of run to the stall to have a look at it. I got it for a very good price and and I am still so happy about this find.

Yesterday we passed it too but as it was a Saturday in December and already cold there were not so many stalls there like in Summer. We just had a quick look at some of the weird stuff there, like this leg with flowers in it:)

I hope you have a fantastic weekend.
The sun just came out here and I look forward to going out for a walk later on.



kaylovesvintage said...

lucky you...looks like a nice flea market
have a good weekend

Dotti said...

Liebste Maria, ich schätze, wir sind uns sehr, sehr ähnlich. Denn meine Hamburger Wochenenden hast du gerade beschrieben. Erst ein Kochbuch zur Hand, dann ab auf den Markt am Goldbekkanal um alle Zutaten zu erobern und zu späterer Stunden auf den Flohmarkt an der Feldstr. Hihi. Liebe Grüße ins Paralleluniversum. Deine Dotti

Elodie said...

I love sundays as well! To me it's the "stay in my PJs and drink too much tea" day. If such a thing exists... : )

Parisa said...

So fantastic pics,specially the first one! :)

Trixi said...

Hihi schöne Geschichte. Ich liebe auch diese Art von Samstagen. Nächste Woche verkaufe ich selbst - in der Fabrik :)

Anonymous said...

what a fabulous flea market! i especially want the leg with flowers.

schorlemädchen said...

Thanks for all your nice is so great to read them.
@kaylovesvintage: thanks..hope you had a good weekend too.
@ grüße aus dem Paralleluniversum : )
@Elodie...your Sundays sound very nice too : )
@Parisa: Many thanks
@Trixi..Vielleicht schaffe ich es dorthin..dann werde ich Ausschau halten und "Hallo" sagen
@Katrina: the leg was really amazing

Anonymous said...

ohohoho! das bein ist toll! bin hier in meiner neuen Heimat München immernoch ein bisl auf der Suche nach guten Flohmärkten und hoffe auf tolle
liebe grüße aus dem Süden

●• Thereza said...

what a great flea market! :)