Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sarah's work

'Ahhh and oooh', I think is what I say when I see a new illustration or any form of work of Sarah Illenberger.
I remember that after I saw the knitted organs she made for the Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin (which is German and was published a while ago) that I looked up her website to actually realize that so many other clever things I have seen in magazines before were made by her.

I am always quiet fascinated by the way how she interprets a theme or an article in her way..
Have a look at this series in the Neon magazine about envy. Just great.
I also love her chilli con carne and her breakfast.
She is a wiz with the scissor.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Another great house
Spring is here
461 I like you
I adore this colour mix and pattern
First day of wearing sandals

A belated post with the pictures I took on Saturday.
How good it felt...sleeping in, reading the paper in bed, having a late breakfast together, being out for a nice Spring walk, sharing one of those great cinnamon buns and getting back to the paper while sitting in the grass....what a nice Saturday it was....and in the end even without light but candles as the electricity went down in the whole street for a couple of hours...

Saturday was the first day I was wearing sandals. It felt so good....and a bit weird to see the temperatures dropping in Europe...If I could I would send some sun over....

I passed again such beautiful tiles on my walk...and I thought it would be so great to sew a quilt with those colours and a similar pattern...I am thinking about it....

I hope you all had a great start into the week...

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Showing around

At the opera
Look inside the Opera
Giraffes at the Traonga Zoo
Taronga Zoo
Din Tai Fund..
The lonely swimmer
Overcast...Sydney Opera

We had friends over from Germany who visited us for a couple of days. It was great to show places I like but also to be a bit of a tourist myself in the city I live in.

Here are a few snapshots of the more touristic things we did....

#1-3 Around and in the Opera House
#4 Pantomime at Circular Quay
#5 Giraffes at Taronga Zoo. I was amazed how beautiful this zoo was and you get an amazing few over Sydney too.
#6 lilac
#7 We had dinner at Din Tei Fung and the hour wait was so worth it. They make the best dumplings, if you have the chance to go and eat should really do it!
#8 The lonely swimmer. It was quiet windy on Saturday and we walked along the cliffs from Bondi to Bronte. The waves were really high and we watched the surfers having fun with them.
#9 On our way back from Manly we came closer to the opera and it felt like standing in front of a famous painting in a museum with so many people standing there and taking pictures :)
#10 Sydney, you are a beauty


Tuesday, September 21, 2010



Thank you so much for all your great comments on my last post. I was thinking of starting a little Aussie vocabulary book to write down all those words which are shortened here ; )

Well, but look at this coincidence I found on the weekend.
We had German friends visiting us over the weekend and they brought a few German magazines and newspapers with them (which I am "soaking" in right now).
While I flicked through the Neon magazine I thought at one of the articles, 'oh I know this picture from somewhere" and found it a little later again in the latest issue of the Frankie magazine. It is a great image taken by the Western Australian photographer Jackson Eaton, so I can totally understand why those two great magazines used it...

I hope you had a good start into the week.
I will show you soon a few images I took during the weekend, while being on some touristic exploring trips here in Sydney ;)


Thursday, September 16, 2010


trees on the street
A great bookstore in Surry Hills
Vivid is the word I learned this week.
I think there is not one day at which I am not picking up new words or expressions -- and here in Australia especially shortenings of words.
'Brekky' for breakfast, 'barbie' for BBQ or 'telly' for TV I think is something you could guess but 'ambo' for ambulance, 'salvo' for Salvation Army or 'ta' for thanks create sometimes a bit of a confused glance on my face ... :)

It was a really nice Spring day today. I was out for a walk...felt the sun on my face, saw many shadows, stumbled over the amazing shelf/life store in Surry Hills and saw a hairdresser I could imagine going to when I need to ...

#1 Trees on the street
#2 House in the sky
#3 Tokyo Bike
#4 Again I know ;)
#5 A great facade of a house in Surry Hills
#6 '52 Frack'
#7 I passed this really great arts book store...they have such a great assortment of books. I saw a Japanese book about Nordic design with the most beautiful images. I am thinking of getting it...such a pity that I can't read it.
#8 Some sun and turquoise
#9 '55'

How was your week so far...?

Friday, September 10, 2010


299 w/ wholes
mirror and me
Steel and Pattern
great tiles

#1 We got a blender the other day and made a breakfast smoothie this morning. It was sooo good.

If have been out for a walk this afternoon.... Here are the few of the snapshots I took...

#2 pink
#3 APT
#4 It just grabbed my attention. The stripes, the signs...sort of everything - click
#5 299 with wholes
#6 mirror and me
#7 pattern and steel
#8 half
#9 I just love all the great tiles they
#10 Flat white

Thank you so much for all your nice comments on the pillow case I made. I will show you more of the things I sew soon..

I wish you all a great weekend

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Sketch of the pillow case
This is how it looks like underneath the table while I sew

Since I got my sewing machine the other week I have got so many ideas and projects in my mind and sketchbook I would like to make over the next weeks.
I have always loved patterns in all their forms and I have especially always been very much fond of triangles. You see them all over the blog-world like on Mette's great blog or in Malin's shop.

Inspired by them I tried this weekend to sew my very first triangle pillow case. It was quiet tricky at some points but I am happy with the result and I am glad that I tried to make it.
It is such a great feeling to hold something in your hands made by you.

Have you tried something out lately you always wanted to do?


Sunday, September 5, 2010



The weekend is already over here and I just talked to my family via Skype which became a nice Sunday tradition to see them after their lunch and after our dinner. Those time differences seem sometimes just so crazy to me.

I took this image on Friday morning. I like how a bed can sometimes be so inviting in nice morning light. Like it says to you -'come with your book and join me for a little while longer'... Does your bed do such things to you sometimes too? :)

Saturday was rainy here and I tried my luck and went to the flea market in Surry Hills which seems not to take place when it is raining. I can't wait to browse around the stalls when it gets Spring here...We watched the documentary "Man on Wire" in the evening. I missed to watch it in the cinemas and wanted to see it for quiet a while. It is such a touching and beautiful movie. I loved the footage they showed and also the more than beautiful images they took while Phillippe Petit was living his dream.

I finished a pillow cover I wanted to make for quiet a while,today. I am very happy with it and will show you soon how it looks like.

I hope your weekend is/was great....
Have a wonderful start into the week


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A new month

My personal calendar
My personal calendar
More tea
A letter...

The first of September. A new month.
You can feel that the season is changing and that Spring is coming along here that time is going by...

A new month also means to me that I am allowed to fill up again my personal calendar.
Before I left Hamburg I got a box from my friends with twelve envelopes, each filled with pictures. On the first day of a new month I can open one of these envelopes and find an image for every week of this month. I love this calendar and I unpacked already a few images which I totally forgot about. They make me smile so much and miss my friends ....

Today was also the first day I used my new/old sewing machine for the first time.
It is a second-hand one in such great condition and I am so happy about it as I couldn't bring mine with me. I was already fabric shopping and got some nice leftovers of which I am planning to sew a few nice things which I have in my head since a while : )
Today I sort of made friends with the sewing machine, read the manual and got used to the new handling. It has so many great programs, I can't wait to use it properly..I sewed this little envelopes for my grandparents which I will bring on its big journey tomorrow.

Here is a nice song liiiiiisten (Villagers - Becoming A Jackal)
// Maria