Monday, June 28, 2010

It's Summer

Friday night pasta
hmm, summer you are here
100 a
Dollhouse at the fleamarket
Dollhouse at the fleamarket

It is Summer here. It is beautiful. The city is so green and I love that you can bike home late in the evening without wearing a jacket, that you can still smell the warmth of the day and see that the sky doesn't really want to turn dark but wants to get a beautiful summer day again.

#1 started my weekend with some pasta
#2 got summer fruits at the markets
#3 went on a little bike-tour and stumbled over a couple house number signs
#4 and this little doll house at the flea market which furniture was just adorable
#5 sitting on the balcony enjoying the sun and the freshness of a kiwi
#6 going out to a nice pizza place with dear friends
#7 walking through the neighbourhood Altona
#8 smiling about the little guy on my friends old road bike
#9/10/11 waking up early in the morning, opening the door of the balcony and having breakfast
enjoying every bit of this day

How was your weekend?
I hope you could also enjoy the warmth of the sun and its beautiful light.


Thursday, June 24, 2010

and I had Tuesday off too

Breakfast on the balcony
Dancer in the city
Watching TV
Looking good?!
Green oasis

I started the day yesterday with a nice breakfast on the balcony.
The sun was shining and I really enjoyed having the whole day in front of me with not a fixed plan how to spend it.
I biked to the city and passed the Gängeviertel. An area in which artists use spaces which are owned by the city but which doesn't really take care of it. There were so many little corners to explore.

I think it is great having usual workdays off, every now and then...
It feels a bit like being outside of the wheel in a more observing and watching role, like being able to enter and leave peoples' everyday life and very different to a Sunday for example...This sounds weird I know, but it is hard to explain : )

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Monday off

Monday fruits
Monday mail
Monday sun
Monday feet on the balcony
Monday tea
Monday comfy clothes
Monday surprise ...

How nice to have a Monday off...

I spent the whole weekend at this festival for work...and it was quiet exhausting and I didn't get so much sleep so I enjoyed having this Monday off and getting lots of sleep, drinking tea, eating cake and sitting on the balcony in the sun with my friend and getting some great new magazines to read.
I missed out getting the first issues of the Apartamento magazines and Will organized them for me. I was quiet happy when the postman rang at my door today having them in his hands..I can't wait to read in them...

I am listening to some of the music right now which I saw live on the weekend. Oh and I got this small rabbit pin there too...check their shop they make such great illustrations...

Hope you are all well!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

morning and night // here and there // him and her


#1 This is were he is right now

#2&3 and where I am right now....

Just a couple of more weeks and we will have the same view when we open our eyes...
this is what I thought when I drove in the evening sun last night..
I will be on the countryside for work till Sunday. It is such wonderful weather and the sun goes down after 11pm in the most beautiful way....and soon there will be also some bands I will be listening too...

I wish you all a wonderful weekend

Monday, June 14, 2010


I had cake with friends
I did it again...
Another Sunday another cake: Hazelnut, chocolate, cherry..yum

A cloudy weekend it was. I was thinking several times that I am still wearing my red wool hat even that it is June. I don 't know if I ever did this before - also that I quiet like my hat : )

#1 Field flowers at the farmers market
#2 Getting some veggies and fruits
#3 A familiar sticker
#4 me
#5 I passed this open house on my way home from the markets
#6 I think red and green veggies and fruits are quiet a good combination
#7 breakfast
#8 The cloudy sky yesterday
#9 I had some nice cake with friends and "Apfelschorle" (which is apple juice with sparkling water and very German)
#10 My good friend the herbal tea
#11 On my way home
#12 A litte snack
#13 I started my day with some fresh orange juice this morning
#14 Two friends and I baked spontaneously a cake together. We used what we found in our shelves..Hazelnuts, chocolate and cherries...

How was your weekend? I hope you are all well