Saturday, February 6, 2016

Happy Weekend!

Happy Weekend friends // Schorlemädchen Happy weekend my friends. We will try and have a calm one with going for walks and having a coffee and hopefully with not much rain.

Friday, February 5, 2016


Fremantle / Schorlemädchen Fremantle / Schorlemädchen

Two more photos of our mornings in Perth.

One thing I have noticed straight away after we have been back is the amazing light in Australia. It seems to fuel people with so much energy. I wish you could bottle it up and use it during the colder and darker months here in Germany ...

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Fremantle - WA

Fremantle / SchorlemädchenFremantle / Schorlemädchen We had some beautiful mornings during our time in Fremantle.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Perth - WA

Perth WA // Schorlemädchen Perth WA // SchorlemädchenPerth WA // SchorlemädchenPerth WA // SchorlemädchenPerth WA // SchorlemädchenPerth WA // Schorlemädchen

After surviving the long flight from Germany to Australia we couldn't wait for our first morning walk at the beach. Will's parents don't live far away from Port Beach in Fremantle and go every morning at 6am for a walk to start their day. It is such a wonderful ritual and there are so many people already up doing their exercise at the beach or just come down to have a cup of tea with a mate and a good chat. There is always a wonderful atmosphere not only thanks to the beauty of the ocean itself.
We took Matilda in the 'Kraxe' backpack with us and she really enjoyed her time (even had a nap at the end in there.
I can feel the warmth on my face while looking at these photos and the softness of the sand between my toes, oh and the light, the beautiful light there ..

Friday, January 29, 2016

On a golden Autumn day in Hamburg

A golden Autumn day in Hamburg // SchorlemaedchenA golden Autumn day in Hamburg // SchorlemaedchenA golden Autumn day in Hamburg // SchorlemaedchenA golden Autumn day in Hamburg // SchorlemaedchenA golden Autumn day in Hamburg // Schorlemaedchen

Phew, this has been a big blog break. I hope you all had a great start into the new year. We were very lucky and spent the last five weeks in Australia, seeing family and friends and holidaying by visiting several places there. I look forward to showing you some photos over the next weeks even though I haven't taken that many this time.

I have taken the photos above on a wonderful sunny but crips Autumn day in Hamburg. I went on a long walk with Matilda and was able to take a few photos while she was sleeping.

Also, we only have a few more weeks left living in Hamburg. We will move to the South of Germany by the end of February. It seems so hard to find a good apartment in Munich. If you happen to know anything about a good place, please let me know!

Thursday, December 17, 2015

London in November

London // SchorlemädchenLondon // Schorlemädchen London // SchorlemädchenLondon // SchorlemädchenLondon // Schorlemädchen London // Schorlemädchen London // SchorlemädchenLondon // Schorlemädchen London // Schorlemädchen

Early November, we went to London for a for a long weekend. The weather was lovely and we were able to catch up with some friends, eat good food, see some exhibitions and just strolled around London's streets...

We had a lovely lunch at Leila's which was just so simple and delicious I am still thinking about it. Walked around Shoreditch and visited some of the lovely shops there, like the Mast Brothers shop. Indulged, and went for a nice lunch to the River Cafe, it was a sunny Sunday so we were even able to sit outside. I went with Matilda to the Ai WeiWei exhibition at RA followed by a nice lunch at the Rose Bakery Cafe up on the top floor of the great Dover Street Market. I carried her that whole day and I remember that by 5pm I thought my whole back was numb :) On our last day we went the Tate Modern, Borough Markets and also had a coffee at Monmouth cafe ...London is just always great... Can't wait to go back soon...

We are off for a five week holiday to Australia tomorrow. I am getting nervous when I start thinking about the long flight with Matilda and really hope it will be all fine. But of course I am also really looking forward to our time there...

Take care

Monday, December 14, 2015