Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Villa Carlotta - Lake Como II

Villa Carlotta // SchorlemädchenVilla Carlotta // SchorlemädchenVilla Carlotta // SchorlemädchenVilla Carlotta // SchorlemädchenVilla Carlotta // Schorlemädchen Some more photos from the Villa Carlotta at Lake Como.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Villa Carlotta / Lake Como 1

Villa Carlotta, Lake Como // Schorlemädchen Villa Carlotta, Lake Como // Schorlemädchen Villa Carlotta, Lake Como // Schorlemädchen Villa Carlotta, Lake Como // Schorlemädchen
Summer is very undecided these days. One day I am sitting on my bike in the mornings, not wearing a cardigan and it feel the wonderful warm Summer air around my bare legs and on other days I have to get out gum boots and wooly cardigans to not be chilly. It is how it is..but I hope we get a few more of those warmer days in the next weeks.

To make sure we booked a little trip with friends to Sardinia late August. I am so excited about it and look a lot forward to it: the sun, the food, hanging out at the beach, sitting outside the house in the evenings, maybe read a book or just play with Matilda. Just time for us is what I need.

I started carving out some time for crafting again. I have a few unfinished projects or planned ones which I like to finish or finally start (to hopefully finish). And it feels good to make things and see a finished product, something I always find very satisfying.

At the moment I realize that I start to not enjoy fast social media as much as I used to. I rather go back to my feedly and read proper blog posts the content seems so much richer and actually gets my pure attention and seem more sustainable, if that makes any sense. For instance I really enjoy Okka's blog a lot. It is funny how you used to read something for years and go back to realize it is still a wonderful place to spend time at.

- A wonderful song I enjoy (What Youth - Hazing)
- I adore these knits (Harry Ware)
- The cover of the new Plant Magazine looks so magnificent
- A shop I like to visit for real one day (Collected by Tas-Ka)
- Next time we are in Melbourne, I will try and buy this tea towel by David Shrigley, because truth has to be said
- I am dreaming of a trip to California. Since we have been there a few years back I think back to it almost weekly.  George Byrne's amazing photos and the The FvF LA section help to day dream
- Sometimes when I just want to browse nice photos, I click through Eefje's blog, so inspiring.

Have a wonderful weekend friends. The photos above are from the wonderful day at Villa Carlotta at Lake Como with dear friends last year.

Take care,

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Time flies ...

time flies
Indeed it does and I guess with a child it even does a tiny little bit more (that is how it feels to me anyway). I started work again since a few weeks and Matilda is going to day care every day. It is a complete new twist for us to have me go back to work. The mornings are a lot more organized and I think we have already managed to develop a routine. It is so nice that I can bike to work which I love and it is nice being back as well, filling my head with different kind of thoughts again....I am glad though that I am able to work part-time and that I can spend the afternoons with Matilda which we mostly spend with friends in a park or close-by playground. The days seem (a lot) longer to me than before and I can tell that I am more tired in the evenings. I guess I have to transition a bit more into the new this is also why there has been such a big pause here on the blog ....

One thing I actually also noticed is that I stopped taking photos, also on Instagram. Just here and there I see something I snap a photo off but my analog cameras are getting dusty at home. I really want to change this and plan to make an effort at least on weekends.

So, this is why I am showing you a photo from earlier this year when we spend some time at Wills parents house in Fremantle, Matilda seems so much bigger now and has changed so much since then.


Thursday, May 26, 2016

B/W Sydney // Schorlemädchen B/W Sydney // Schorlemädchen B/W Sydney // Schorlemädchen B/W Sydney // Schorlemädchen

Four photos of our time while we lived in Sydney. Four wonderful memories, that is why I love taking photographs, to capture those moments...

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Energy Bunker Hamburg

Hamburg Energie Bunker //Schorlemaedchen Hamburg Energie Bunker //SchorlemaedchenHamburg Energie Bunker //SchorlemaedchenHamburg Energie Bunker //SchorlemaedchenHamburg Energie Bunker //Schorlemaedchen Hamburg Energie Bunker //Schorlemaedchen Hamburg Energie Bunker //Schorlemaedchen

On a sunny Sunday many months ago we went to Wilhelmsburg in Hamburg to check out the Energy Bunker and its cafe on the top floor. It was a sunny and beautiful day and we really enjoyed the views from the rooftop and the great coffee at the cafe Vju.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House B/W // SchorlemädchenSydney Opera House B/W // Schorlemädchen Sydney Opera House B/W // Schorlemädchen A few days before we left Australia I went to see one last time the Opera House. I love this building and I took my Leica with a black and white film in it to shoot a few shots of her. Well, little did I know that it would take me almost 1,5 years to fill up that film. It was so nice to see these snaps. What a great building!

Friday, April 29, 2016

Some more spots in Sydney

Sydney // SchorlemädchenSydney // SchorlemädchenSydney // SchorlemädchenSydney // Schorlemädchen

Being on holidays in Sydney felt a little weird when we were there earlier this year. We lived there for five years and know the city quite well and to be 'just' a visitor for a week stressed me before we arrived as I knew I wouldn't be able to go all the spots I fell in love with during our time there. Luckily Matilda took care of all this, we just had to do things a lot slower naturally so we picked carefully where to go and also stayed most days at home for a nice midday nap (mainly for Matilda). This city is so great. And looking at those photos makes me want to go back and see and hang out with all our friends there. Why oh why is it so far away, oh my!