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Friday, November 20, 2009

The last bits of London

Borough Markets
Chorizo Love
Notting Hill

Brick Lane
Unto the last - brick lane

I promise these are the last London pictures I am going to post here ...

The last days in London were pretty amazing too, even that the wind almost blew us away on Friday afternoon...
We went to Borough Markets and had a good start with a coffee at "Monmouth" which is right across of the markets and has really good coffee and even filters coffee right in front of you...The market is so amazing with its super fresh food. When you go you should get a one of those chorizo rolls for which the people actually line up.
We also went to Portobello Road which was a bit too crowded so we left and spend more time around Brick Lane. We had a really great pizza for lunch there and went to some nice little stores like "Labour and Wait" or "Unto the Last" which sell really great old kitchen tools or handmade and great designed furniture...
Something funny happened to me when we were on our way to catch up with a friend to go to a pub...We got out at Covent Garden station and took the long escalators there when a few people on other side of the escalators suddenly shouted "Where is Wally" and pointed to me saying "There is Wally"...I didn't knew the this kids book where you need to find this guy with a red hat and glasses and probably looked a bit irritated but found it funny when my boyfriend explained to me what they meant...
Well...I have a red hat but my glasses are not as round as Wally's : )

Happy Thursday to everyone...

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

London second day

there was sunwall
don't mix it up
coffee at tate
tate cafè
oh donna wilson
river café
The sun was shining on the second morning. How I loved it to wake up and to see the blue sky.
It was the day of the last exam too. My boyfriend put some new music (listen) on my Ipod and I walked to the Millenium bridge listening to it and waiting there for him to go and see some exhibits at Tate Modern.
How great this place is - and I was thinking how just amazing it is to live in a city like London and have the chance to go there whenever you feel like...and this for free. We had a coffee afterwards in the little cafè they have on the last level...and the view was just amazing. I really enjoyed sitting there. We also went to the museum shop and I saw the kids book "The Three Robbers" and I rememberd how much I loved this when I was a kid. Do you know this book too?We spent the afternoon in Shoreditch where I stumbled over a nice store where they sell all the great stuff from Donna Wilson. I love her cushions and was thinking of getting this one.
In the evening we celebrated the last exam with a nice dinner at the River Cafè it was amazing food. We had pannacotta with grappa and an amazing chocolate cake for dessert..hmm...

Hope you are having a great week..

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

London ...the first day

last leaves
english breakfast
red and blue
la fromagerie
the cheese room

I am back. And what a lovely trip it was. I was looking through the pictures we took over the last couple of days and "Oh London you are just great and I had so much fun".
We had all sorts of weather. Sun in the morning, cloudy bits and of course also rain and a pretty wild wind on Saturday. But it couldn't stop us from exploring the city at all.
I spent the first day by myself as the boy-friend still needed to study. I was prepared with a little map and full of excitement and started my walk along the Thames to SOHO. It is always a little weird for me when I see things, like the London Eye for real which you usually just know from postcards - and suddenly such things are right in front of you - just there.
I stopped by this café Maison Bertaux and had a nice lemon tart and a tea : ) before I continued....looking around, seeing socks with hearts, lovely little houses and also this amazing place La Fromagerie where you could have lunch and also get the most amazing cheese...

Here are the pictures of the first day...