Sunday, March 3, 2013

March - rain in Sydney

A rainy day
A rainy day
A rainy day
A rainy day

It is officially Autumn now here in Sydney and the first two days we already had rain.

I don't mind the rain. I like the change and enjoy it a lot also because the city seems so incredibly green especially when it is raining. I was going for walks yesterday and had the camera with me so I will hopefully be able to show you some rainy day photos.

Here are some photos from a rainy day some weeks back.

You can also find some photos from my walk yesterday on my instagram feed.



Leanne Barnett said...

Lovely photos, I don't mind the rain either.

Camille said...

Lovely photos, Maria! I don't mind rainy days either :-)

Fru said...

I seriously love your pictures. I wish my hood looked more like this.

I don#t know what else to write, because everything that seemed important was already said in the sentences before. But I hate short random "i love this and that" comments that cannot be taken seriously. however. i guess i stay :D

máni said...

and we celebrated the arrival of spring here in berlin. :) the photos are beautiful.

jana said...

tolle farben in 2 und 3 besonders. geniess den herbst und den geruch des regens! hier war der winter eigentlich wie ein herbst, also mal sehen wie der frühling wird :) liebe grüsse xx

Alex said...

Seems like the rain in Australia is bringing some sun here in Europe! and even if the rain doesn't bother me, i must say i can't wait for Spring!

Delphine said...

we are finally getting some sunshine here!
i hope you have a lovely autumn :)

Little Girl Lost said...

These photos are such a stark contrast to your earlier summer pics of Sydney, makes it seem so much more real that Summer is gone & the warm days are slowly ebbing away from us. *soph

querido diário said...

Sidney looks good even when it rains :)

Inger Zivana said...

wow, looks like the most beautiful place! I bet it has a lot to do with your eye and what you manage to capture though. Love your blog, it's so pretty.