Thursday, February 28, 2013


Rain in Sydney, I don't mind

It is raining outside,
Autumn is starting tomorrow
and right now we are dancing to Rhye, please listen to it, its magical. 


Katinka said...

Oh Maria! Thank you for this musical recommendation. I am immediately in love. Also I can't believe autumn is starting in Australia already, I wish you a very golden one, with a few last swims and fantastic walks!


Marion said...

I had no idea that the album was out !!!! Thank you so much, I have been obsessed by the fall song so much.
And this photo is truly gorgeous, is the portrait format new ? I don't remember seeing much here, it's gorgeous. Happy happy day Maria.

P R I M O E Z A said...

great music maria, but i think this image is magical.

tine / matimuk said...

danke fürs teilen

schorlemädchen said...

Danke Katinka :) Ich sah bei euch gibt's wieder blauen Himmel, toll!

@Marion: It's such a great album.I am trying to see them in LA in some weeks. And yes I hardly post portrait format photos.

@Elizabeth: Thank you so much :) Rainy days in Sydney bring out all the great earthy colors.

@Tine: Freut mich, dass es dir gefällt

Marion said...

Ah yes, hope you'll see them live in LA. I saw Milosh ( the lead singer ) years ago in Berlin and his voice live is a pure dream. Have a lovely sunday.