Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tasmania day 4/5

East Coast Tasmania
East Coast Tasmania
East Coast Tasmania
East Coast Tasmania
East Coast Tasmania
Last morning in Hobart
Last morning in Hobart
Cafe Hobart

Every trip comes to an end. I had a bit of an extended trip after being at the airport on Monday morning and realizing that I had booked the pm and not the am flight. Well, as some airlines can't easily move you onto a different flight and you rather need to buy a new ticket we stayed the whole Monday in Hobart and enjoyed our extra day there. I bought a new book and we were sitting in cafes reading.

#1/3 On Sunday we drove back to Hobart along the east coast of Tasmania and it was stunning, so many great beaches. The weather was changing hourly so we had rain, sunshine, fog, clouds...
#4 This is how the beautiful water looks like when the sun was shining
#5 We drove and suddenly everything was so blue, I needed to stop and take a picture
#6 I woke up by the sunrise on Monday morning
#7 Reading in a cafe after I booked the wrong flight. It is in fact the cafe you see on my prior post from outside

This is the last post of analog photos from my Tasmania trip. Thanks so much for all your great comments. It is a magical place down there, if you have the chance to go, I would highly recommend it. Its beautiful!


>> A incredible trailer

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Tasmania day 2/3

Bruny Island Tasmania
Bruny Island / Tasmania
Oysters by the sea / Tasmania
Woodfired bread at Salamanca Markets in Hobart
Plant seeds at Salamanca Markets / Hobart
Friends backyard in Hobart
Great Lake / Midwest Tasmania
Lunch on the road
Maria and the fresh sourdough

How as your weekend been so far?
Rain, wind, sun, wind rain, thunderstorm is going on here.

Thank you so much for all your great comments on my Tasmania images. It was a wonderful trip and this time last week I was still breathing the fresh air of this beautiful place. I hope I don't bore you, but here is the second last post with images from the trip.

#1/2 still day two on Bruny island, this strip is called 'the neck', we walked up the wooden steps to enjoy the spectecular view over the island
#3 we got fresh oysters and had them at the sea. They tasted like the fresh ocean on your tongue
#4 just mail boxes
#5 on Saturday we went to the famous Salamanca markets and got some fruits and bread for our trip to the Cradle Mountains
#6 we passed a wonderful stall where you could get seeds, I loved the Iceland poppies in October so much and got myself some seeds
#7 Before we hit the road we had coffee with a friend and I adored their hidden backyard with all their flowers, plants and veggie patches...
#8 On the way up north passing the great lake. Breathtakingly beautiful landscape!
#9/10 lunch
#11 !

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Tasmania Day 2

Bruny Island / Tasmania
Making bread Tasmania
Woodfired Bread on Bruny Island / Tasmania
Bruny Island / Tasmania
Bruny Island / Tasmania
Getting cheese
Bruny Island / Tasmania
Bruny Island Tasmania
Jackman & McRoss bakery Hobart
Jackman & McRoss bakery Hobart

On the second day we drove to Bruny Island which was a bit of the highlight of the whole trip for me. It is an hour south of Hobart and after we missed the first ferry I am glad we didn't drive further but waited to enter this wonderful island and discover it. Some bits of Tasmania somehow reminded me to Ireland and Sweden maybe because the weather is a lot cooler than on the mainland and also because of the wonderful green fields, trees and bushes. What I remember is: the fresh air/wood-fired bread, sheeps, fog, lonely beaches, walnut orchards, green trees and bushes, black swans, apples, reading book, fresh oysters.....


A wonderful cover song for you.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tasmania Day 1

Cafe Pigeon Hole Hobart
Cafe Pigeon Hole Hobart
Cafe Pigeon Hole Hobart
Cafe Pigeon Hole Hobart
Mona Museum
Tasmania Mt Wellington

I am back from my trip to Tasmania. Such wonderful five days I had there, with lots of good food (oh the oysters and cheese), wine, pretty little cafes, stunning nature and time...time to be outside, finish a book and just be.

Here are some images from the first day which we started at the wonderful Pigeon Hole cafe, I wanted to take a photo of every corner there, they are baking their own bread and you can see on one of the images how they store the wood fired bread loafs in a bag next to the counter a sack of flour underneath it. I had one of the best sourdough bread with honey there! (I managed to get a jar of this wonderful honey later that day)
After that we drove to the infamous Mona museum which was great, some bids reminded me to the Museum of Modern Art in Copenhagen. It was very cloudy that day but the light was just wonderful. And after we left the museum it had cleared up and we tried our luck and drove up to Mountain Wellington to have a look over Hobart. See the last picture - the view was just breathtakingly beautiful.

Ill have some more photos to share with you...

>> The new apartmento is out and I hope I can get my hands on this issue. It is one of my favorite issues.
>> I also got my copy of 3191 Quarterly and let me tell you how stunning it is. It is my favorite Quarterly so far - so well done

Sunday, November 13, 2011


coffee room 10

It is mid November already. I really don't know were all the time goes to. Well, it was a quiet weekend with lots of cooking, listening to music, sewing and lying in the sun reading...

There is a lot to do the next couple of weeks amongst others I will move apartment but more about this soon. But step by step - this week I will go to Tasmania and I am so looking forward to this trip - breathing the fresh air and seeing the beauty of this island, going for long walks, eating and drinking good food and wine, going to the infamous museum 'Mona' and just having time for things I don't even know that I will explore or see them....

If you have a last minute Maria-must-go-and-see, let me know :^)

>> Here are two beautiful blogs written by Catherine: About her life Tasmania and the great food in Tassie
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>> And I like this idea to create a fond of your handwriting

Sunday, November 6, 2011


my breakfst
quinoa salad + avo bread
ready for the minestrone
soaked muesli

Summer is here. It was 30C today and I celebrated a friends birthday with a nice picnic in a park. Summer also means lots of great fresh fruits and veggies...

#1 Maria's breakfast (this time with fresh watermelon)
#2 Quinoa salad with toasted sourdough, goats cheese and lemon
#3 A bag full of veggie goodies - ready to make a great minestrone
#4 Bananas have been very expensive for the last couple of months. After a cyclone destroyed big parts of the banana harvest. Now they are back and we enjoy them a lot
#5 Cheating on my breakfast (#1) and having the best soaked muesli w/ yoghurt & fresh fruits and rhubarb compote

>< I love this video, it gives me goosebumps every single time I watch it.
>>< This song is beautiful, don't you think


Thursday, November 3, 2011

Something new in the neighbourhood

Bourke Street Bakery
Bourke Street Bakery
On my way home

A couple of weeks ago the infamous Bourke Street Bakery opened up a cafe in our neighborhood. When we past their new cafe on the opening day it turned out that they gave out everything for free - we got one of their really tasty caraway breads and min tarts. The bread was delicious with the minestrone we had made that night.

How has your week been so far?
There have been so many music announcements lately and I am getting really excited about the great bands which will come to the Southern hemisphere this Summer, Beirut, Bon Iver, The Whitest Boy Alive and Ryan Adams are my favorites so far...

<> Have a look at Trixi's wonderful blog
>> I would love to go to Lisboa and Christine's photos show why

Have a lovely weekend everyone