Sunday, February 20, 2011

Pentax outside

sydney in grey
sydney in grey
look down

And here are the last pictures of the roll...
Sydney in grey, yes sometimes it happens that we also have grey sky here :)

I cannot wait to start a new roll...

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Pentax at home

Pentax at home
Pentax at home
Thank you so much for all your lovely comments about my first roll of pentax pictures.
I am so happy how the film turned out, well I still need to work out a few settings with the camera.... here are a couple of pictures I took inside, which all turned out a bit too talk, but I like them anyway :)

#1 Me and the mirror
#2 Three new things in one picture. Really comfortable Salt Water sandals, the new fabulous Frankie issue and a scarf I scored from Gorman on sale.
#3 And my sewing place.

A wonderful weekend to you all, it is Saturday morning here in Sydney and I plan to go for a swim in a bit.


Thursday, February 17, 2011


Coffee at Bill's
It looks like Autumn, but it is Summer here in Sydney
Open window
In my favourite french bakery
Light at the Kinokuniya bookstore
It worked. The pentax I got at the flea market works and I am really excited about this very different experience. It makes me leaving my digital camera at home for a while....and wander around with the pentax showing it my favourite parts of the the city. Somehow the pictures feel a bit more special as it took a while to actually see them and hold them in my hands and think about the moment I actually took the picture.
Like when I was at the great Japanese Kinokuniya bookstore, when suddenly this great light was shining in....or in the French bakery, which is in our neighbourhood and sells brioche only Fridays and Saturdays and I can smell its wonderful mouthwatering bakery smell already meters away.
I have a couple of more pictures, which I will show you soon.


Saturday, February 12, 2011

Let's talk about breakfast

Best breakfast
Best breakfast
Best breakfast
Best breakfast
Best breakfast
Best breakfast
Best breakfast
Best breakfast

The other day a couple of you asked me about the breakfast in one of the pictures and I thought, I should write a little post about my favourite breakfast. I eat it since a year almost every day and can't get enough of it : )

Well, I used to be a muesli person for a long long time - and still love it, but as it wasn't always so great for my stomach I decided to try a couple of new things and one of them was the great budwig breakfast recipe. It is supposed to be very healthy for you and also tastes really good - quiet a good combination I think.

How to make it.
3 table spoons (150g) quark (sort of a cottage cheese), or yoghurt, add 1-2 table spoons flaxseed oil and stir it up really well (that is the important part) until you cannot see any more oil and the yoghurt looks quiet creamy. After that add two table spoons freshly ground flaxseed.

You can also add a spoon of honey to sweeten it or nuts and fruits if you want it a bit more exciting. A couple of months ago, I poached pears in freshly squeezed orange juice with prunes and a cinnamon stick. That was also very delicious.

Keep the flaxseed oil dark in its container and in the fridge. Also grind the flaxseed every day fresh to avoid that it get rancid.

What do you eat for breakfast?

Give it a try, it is addictive!


PS: You can read more about Mrs Budwig here and about her breakfast idea here.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A blue window

Sun window

Sometimes it is good to have a pause. Some quiet time.

Here is a little window of sun and the sea for you.

I reloaded the pentax and wander through the streets of Sydney to capture nice moments. Fingers crossed it will work this time


Saturday, February 5, 2011

A flea market find

My flea market find
fresh sumer breakfast

It is 42°C today here in Sydney, 42°C, and it is not just hot it is also quiet humid, which is really not a good combination for me. It is really hard to be outside with such hot weather and I feel like I am running from one shade to the other, trying not to be in the sun and when the wind is actually blowing a bit it feels like someone is holding a blow dryer into your face.

Well, I found an old Pentax at the flea market the other day. I got it for quiet a good price. I was walking around with it the last couple of weeks and took an image here and there. I hope the picture turn out well. I forgot a bit how it is to wait to get the pictures developed, it is actually and exciting feeling, let's hope they turn out good.

What are your plans for the weekend. I just stocked up on more fruits and water and hope it won't be that hot tomorrow, too.



Well, I guess I tried. I just came back from picking up the pictures I took with my new pentax camera and it turned out the film wasn't loaded correctly, or anything like that.
It is so disappointing that now all the pictures I took are just in my head and not here, in front of me. Well, I don't give up and try it again. Be patient with me.