Tuesday, December 28, 2010

In the West

Christmas Day Breakfast
In the Garden
in the morning
Swimming in the evening and
One of the nice books I got
A dress I would like to sew
Making pizza in the pizza oven
best breakfast
In The Garden

I hope you all had a wonderful time over the last couple of days.
We are in Perth since last Friday and celebrated Christmas with Will's family. It is so relaxing to have some time off and to spend it with all things I would like to do, like reading, sewing or just hanging out or swims in the sea. It is so warm here in Fremantle and I experienced my very first 40°C day yesterday! Oh what a heat it was. It is a little weird for me to imagine that back home everyone seems to be covered in snow.
This was the first year I celebrated Christmas on the 25th and not on the 24th, which is the day on which the Germans usually celebrate Christmas. It is so beautiful here with all all the great bright sunlight and the warm weather, but of course I was also thinking of home, my family and friends and all the traditions, which come to my mind when I think of the Christmas holidays.

Well, here are a few pictures of my last couple of days.....

#1 Our breakfast on Christmas day, getting up early in the morning, giving each other presents
#2/3 and sitting in the garden, reading and hanging out...
#4 Going for a swim early in the morning and
#5 in the evening
#6 This is one of the wonderful books I got and I would love to sew this dress out of it.
#7 Making pizzas in the pizza oven
#8 Having afternoon naps
#9 Wonderful breakfasts (I should one day write a post about the breakfast ritual I have since a year or so)
#10 Enjoying this wonderful tree in the garden, which leaves glow when the sun is shining on them
#11/12 Beautiful light everywhere

Thank you so much for all your lovely wishes for my birthday. It was a really nice and sunny day in Sydney and I enjoyed my first warm birthday...


Wednesday, December 22, 2010



It is my birthday today. It feels a bit weird as it is the very first birthday at which the temperatures are over 25°C and I will go out and wear a dress and sandals - a Summer birthday. How funny that you can suddenly change that. Well, I will always be a child of Winter though. I feel that. :)

I hope you all have a wonderful 22nd of December....


Monday, December 13, 2010


I love apricots
Cards for Christmas
Summer juice

It is already Monday morning here and 20°C...and I just had a quick chat to my family, who told me about all the snow back home. It is sometimes weird to realise that I am in the opposite season right now than everyone at home.

A Summer weekend lies behind me. We got up at 7am on Saturday to go for a swim in Bondi. The water was 16°C and when I ran inside it felt like needles all over me. It was quiet refreshing though and nice to get dry from the not-so-hot morning sun while sitting at the beach.

#1 On our way to Elizabeth Bay we passed that house and I just imagined the amazing view they must have from their balcony
#2 my favourite tiles and a hand :)
#3 We had a very little picnic
#4 At the farmers market, I love apricots
#5 Before we leave the flat this is what I see
#6 Some crafting for Christmas
#7 A fresh juice on a Sunday morning

How are you? I realize how much I enjoy swimming lately, either early in the morning or just when the sun is about to go down in the evenings......


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

On the weekend


It is a little weird to knit on a scarf when the temperature outside is over 25°C. But somehow knitting is more then getting something ready to be warm it is the process during which I relax, think about things and enjoy that the wool thread is becoming something within my hands....

I got the frankies Spaces magazine the other day. It is a really nice magazine and has many great inspiring pages, but how amazed I was when I saw that one of my favourite cafés from Hamburg is also in it. Oh Café Johanna you are a wonderful place.


Sunday, December 5, 2010

And suddenly it is December

At Finders Keepers
At Finders Keepers
Flea market find

It was the first of December this week and it made me find a nice place for the advent calendar I made last year and which I brought with me from Hamburg...

I was quiet excited the whole week, because the Finders Keepers market took place this weekend. They opened their doors on Friday night and I catched up with a friend to have a look at all the beautiful, handmade stuff, people were selling there. Unlimited craftiness and pure joy for the eyes. I really didn't know where to look first and felt like a kid in a candy shop. The venue, an amazing space housed in the Everleigh Rail Yards was so great decorated with its over 75 artists, many workshops and bands playing.

On Saturday we woke up quiet early to get ready for the Everleigh Farmers' Markets, which happen to be right next to the place where the Finders Keepers markets is, so I had an excuse to go again. :) I was again walking through the stalls and was amazed by all the beautiful creative ideas and products...I could have bought so many things but stopped myself a bit and just got a gorgeous pair of earrings and some pretty handprinted paper cards and prints. They were my two favourite stalls and I kept coming back again and again, looking at their stuff.

The farmers' market was also quiet good and somehow reminded me to the Borough Markets in London, also that it is not really as big as these markets, but the whole feeling was the same. We lined up for the most amazing Chinese pancakes, which were made by Kylie Kwong, a Sydney-based chef. The wait was so worth it, they were so good and reason enough to come back to the markets more often.

After those two markets we made our way to Surry Hills, I was looking for a 50's/60's dress for an upcoming Christmas party. I didn't take any pictures as I was too busy to look at all the dresses at the flea market there and I was very lucky because I found a really nice dress for just 10$.

What a great Saturday.


Sunday, November 28, 2010


Juice in the morning

I was lazy this week with taking pictures. I realised that I just took three images the whole week!

#1 One of a nice fresh juice Will made me before I left for work.

#2 Another one of summer fruits. I enjoy them a lot and oh the mangos are in season now too.

#3 I passed this house today when I visited a friend in Bondi. I liked the symmetric, the green the stripes with the bricks - everything

I am very flattered that Mandy wrote a post about me on her beautiful and inspiring blog. Have a look here.

Have a wonderful week

Sunday, November 21, 2010

A summer weekend

Farmers Market
bats all over the city

Hi everyone, how is your weekend going.
It is Sunday evening here in Sydney and I just look at the pictures I took the last couple of days. It was a warm and sunny weekend and ...
#1 we went to the farmers market to get the first fresh basil of the season to make fresh pesto this summer.
#2 I see those beautiful purple trees everywhere. They smell so good too.
#3-5 We grabbed our towels and magazines and enjoyed the Saturday afternoon sitting in the shade, reading close to the water
#6-8 We went on the rooftop of a friends house and were surprised by the amazing view and the many bats we saw
I am about to get christmas presents ready to send them over to Germany. I think I have never written christmas cards and wrapped gifts earlier.

I would love to send you all some sun....


P.S. I can't believe the tickets for Sufjan Stevens in January are already sold out. If anyone has an idea (apart from ebay) how I can get my hands on tickets, please let me know..