Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Time flies ...

time flies
Indeed it does and I guess with a child it even does a tiny little bit more (that is how it feels to me anyway). I started work again since a few weeks and Matilda is going to day care every day. It is a complete new twist for us to have me go back to work. The mornings are a lot more organized and I think we have already managed to develop a routine. It is so nice that I can bike to work which I love and it is nice being back as well, filling my head with different kind of thoughts again....I am glad though that I am able to work part-time and that I can spend the afternoons with Matilda which we mostly spend with friends in a park or close-by playground. The days seem (a lot) longer to me than before and I can tell that I am more tired in the evenings. I guess I have to transition a bit more into the new this is also why there has been such a big pause here on the blog ....

One thing I actually also noticed is that I stopped taking photos, also on Instagram. Just here and there I see something I snap a photo off but my analog cameras are getting dusty at home. I really want to change this and plan to make an effort at least on weekends.

So, this is why I am showing you a photo from earlier this year when we spend some time at Wills parents house in Fremantle, Matilda seems so much bigger now and has changed so much since then.