Sunday, August 29, 2010

Tea on a Sunday morning

Tea on a Sunday morning
It is Sunday morning here in Sydney and I started the day with a tea...

We watched "The kids are alright" yesterday and I really liked it.
I sometimes enjoy to go and see a movie in the afternoon and to come out and it is not super late yet and the evening is just about to start. We walked home and spontaneously decided to eat out at a tiny dumpling and noodle place in our neighbourhood. We were sitting at the smallest table outside on the street and had wonderful steamed Chinese dumpling with green tea. It was great sitting there, eating nice food, talking, welcoming the night and to watch people passing by who were about to start their Saturday night...

I didn't have my camera with me, but I just liked to sit here this morning with my tea and remember a nice night.

I hope you are all well.

Thursday, August 26, 2010


There is something about an orange and brown mix
I just loved this
Pattern + colour mix
Some wrist warmers for the tree ; )
big 72's
I love the colours in here and the pattern of the curtians
Read the other way around

Yesterday morning when I was out for my run in the Botanic Gardens for a split second I didn't look on my way and fell over the roots of a tree. This moment past like slow-motion, when you realize "ok you will just fall" you know this feeling, when you can still remember what you actually thought. Well, I am all good and even finished my run (a bit in shock) but my knees look exactly the way how they looked like when I was kindergarten - bruises and band aids all over them. However it was such good weather in the afternoon that I wanted to go out for a little walk...I captured a few moments for you...

#1 Orange and brown, a great combination and so retro
#2 those leaves already grabbed my attention meters away...they were glowing in the sun
#3 just a street...
#4 I really liked looking at this house. The green and yellow around the entry. The plain bricks and one window having plants in front of them
#5 different
#6 Also trees wear wrist worms in Winter : ) Maybe they will do in Europe this Autumn, too. Here you can get the most beautiful ones.
#7 Making sure
#8 I liked the pale blue of the window frames and the door, and the beautiful pattern of the curtains
#9 Hello, you have nice eyes...
#10 'pull to open'

If anyone of you has some great tips where to get nice fabric here in Sydney - please let me know...

Maria :)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

some brown here and there

Again a mosaic

I found already a street I can't hold my camera still.
Especially when the sun is shining and invites his friends the shades to join, too...

I wish you all a wonderful weekend.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Season Mix

First signs of Spring
The sun and its buddy the shade
Numbers instead of names
There are the first signs of Spring here and there in Sydney.
This year has been a little weird for me when it comes to seasons. We had this long and cold Winter in Hamburg and in March I flew to Australia into Summer to come back to a warmer Spring in Germany again. And had a few hot Summer weeks before my move to Sydney where Winter welcomed me. This means I will skip Autumn this year which is a season I always loved because of the wonderful change of the nature, its golden days, its wonderful fruits....

I walked down to a little Bay here yesterday to sit in the late afternoon sun and knit on a scarf it seems I am knitting on since 100 years. I realized that when I finish it, it will probably 30° here.

Wish you a great Wednesday....

Sunday, August 15, 2010

A weekend

poaching pears in orange juice
Shopping veggies
Blood orange
Cinnamon pastry from the Sonoma bakery
Where did the weekend go.
It went by so fast...with lots of sun and good food ...

#1 Eight-Nine-Six-Seven-Five on my walk
#2 Blue
#3-5 cutting, squezing oranges to poach pears in their juice with prunes
#6 the breakfast: Yoghurt with linseed oil, grounded linseed and the poached pears with orange juice
#7 Getting veggies at the market
#8 We had a great Saturday lunch.
Hers: Bread with fennel and roisins, avocado, cheddar and olive oil
#9 His: Mustard, roasted lamp and rocket
#10 Blood orange
#11 shiny leaves
#12 The cinnamon pastry I was talking about the other day.

How was your weekend?

Thursday, August 12, 2010


freckeled sky
You know they have such wonderful doorsteps in Sydney
Everywhere shadows...
tiles again
a play of sun and shadow
Surry Hills
Café Sonoma

I feel the need to walk walk walk...
To go out and explore, to take new ways or just enter little paths which look inviting...To get lost and find ways which seem familiar again...Here are a few shots from my last days...
#1 me
#2-8 walking
#9 We buy our bread from the wonderful bakery Sonoma which also has a few nice cafés here. I will take a picture of the amazing cinnamon pastry they make. It was gone too fast ... so next time : )
#10 It was raining all day on Tuesday and I was baking chocolate-apricot-cookies

I look forward to tomorrow when the Young Blood Design Market is taking place here for the weekend...

and guess what...I am ready to leave the house now for a long walk again...

Have a wonderful day


Friday, August 6, 2010

Another day, another walk

A bench in the Winter sun...
Hey Sydney, it's me...Maria
disco window..I smiled when I saw this
A spottet heart.... <3
A beautiful pool....
blurry...but still remarkable
in the Botanic Gardens..
I really need to take care when I cross the streets here...Or remember just look the exact other way you are used to : )
A few images from my four hours walk to and through the Botanic Gardens yesterday. I really enjoyed walking in there..and it seems surreal to me when at some point I suddenly saw the Opera House in front of me....It still has this postcard - image to me if you know what I mean...
There is lots to explore here...I wander around and look and see and enjoy...

Thank you so much for all your lovely comments. They really mean a lot ... and it is great to get to know a few of you who I haven't 'met' before : )

I wish you a wonderful weekend


#1 a bench and its shadow
#2 Hi Sydney, it's me...and wearing my red wool hat
#3 I know..another one of the feet images...I like these tiles which you see a lot here
#4 'disco' window
#5 A heart in the window
#6 ...
#7 four here...
#8 a pool, which seemed so pretty to me and calm
#9 blurry opera house
#10 green in the gardens
#11 the flying foxes the biggest bats hanging in the trees of the Botanic Gardens. Will says they look like huge bats wearing leather jackets : )
#12 so colourful
#13 I think the people here see that I am from Europe just how I enter the street. Most of the times I look into the wrong direction
#14 The leaf was lying on the street in front of our apartment. I think it looks like a mouth