Thursday, December 17, 2015

London in November

London // SchorlemädchenLondon // Schorlemädchen London // SchorlemädchenLondon // SchorlemädchenLondon // Schorlemädchen London // Schorlemädchen London // SchorlemädchenLondon // Schorlemädchen London // Schorlemädchen

Early November, we went to London for a for a long weekend. The weather was lovely and we were able to catch up with some friends, eat good food, see some exhibitions and just strolled around London's streets...

We had a lovely lunch at Leila's which was just so simple and delicious I am still thinking about it. Walked around Shoreditch and visited some of the lovely shops there, like the Mast Brothers shop. Indulged, and went for a nice lunch to the River Cafe, it was a sunny Sunday so we were even able to sit outside. I went with Matilda to the Ai WeiWei exhibition at RA followed by a nice lunch at the Rose Bakery Cafe up on the top floor of the great Dover Street Market. I carried her that whole day and I remember that by 5pm I thought my whole back was numb :) On our last day we went the Tate Modern, Borough Markets and also had a coffee at Monmouth cafe ...London is just always great... Can't wait to go back soon...

We are off for a five week holiday to Australia tomorrow. I am getting nervous when I start thinking about the long flight with Matilda and really hope it will be all fine. But of course I am also really looking forward to our time there...

Take care

Monday, December 14, 2015

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Schorlemädchen on archiv/e

Lina und Anselm started the clever archiv/e magazine with great idea to transport digital blog content into the analog world in form of a magazine. 
For the 24 days leading to Christmas, Lina and Anselm created an advent calendar, showing their favourite blogs - and I am lucky to also be part of it. Have a look here

If you like to purchase a copy of their first magazine, you can do this via their online shop and also get a discount of 15% during the advent period by using the code adventsarchive.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Lunch Scene

Lunch // Schorlemädchen

This was a quick lunch on a Saturday with leftovers from the night before and some egg and avocado (that always works well as add ons :)

Friday, December 4, 2015

Last rays of Summer

Last bit of Summer // Schorlemädchen This photo was taken a few months back when you could realize that Autumn was about to start and Summer had a few days left.
In two weeks will go on a big trip with Matilda and visit her grandparents and lots of dear friends in Australia. Five weeks - we can't wait.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Cafe Johanna

Cafe Johanna Hamburg // Schorlemädchen On a beautiful sunny Autumn day in October I went with Matilda to the city to meet a friend for lunch. After we had left I thought we could also walk by Cafe Johanna on our way home for a quick stopover. As I had Matilda in the sling it took a lot longer than it would have with the pram and so we arrived a little late and the cafe was not as busy as it is usually during lunch hours and it was just perfect for Matilda and I to sit down and have a coffee [just me] and just be in that wonderful place.