Monday, May 30, 2011

Crafting & Mandarins

Pouch I made and things I got from the Finders Keepers Market
The Paper Mill - Sydney
A screen print try
Paul Klee's sailing boats
I love mandarines at the moment
Mandarines & Print

The screen-printing class on Saturday was wonderful...I learnt a lot, but will be a lot more prepared next time and hopefully have the chance soon to try out a bit more things to print was interesting to see how much effort and patient it actually needs to create a perfect print on a piece of fabric...

Do you know when you sign up for classes and you are so excited and have all these things in mind, which you would like to make that you forget that you actually need to learn first how to do it and also that not the first attempts turn out to be amazing...Well, I was lucky that Kate reminded me, have a look at the tea towel she made here.

#1 My little sketch book
#2 A bit unrelated but these are the things I got at the Finders Keepers market last week (I made the first pouch for myself)
#3 Waiting for the class to begin eating mandarines
#5 the work space
#6 I got a Paul Klee book at the flea market in Hamburg the other day and we used some of the drawings for our prints
#7 Hmm, just the smell of them ...I can't remember when I ever ate mandarins in June, but they fit perfectly to the rainy weather here in Sydney.
#8 mandarines everywhere

Have a great start into the week.


Friday, May 27, 2011


Sydney...when you take the wrong train
lemon cake

Just a small post to they thanks for all your nice comments lately. It was fun to tell you a couple of things about me

Four more images from my last role for you

#1 Autumn leaves in Sydney
#2 the beautiful light here
#3 we took the wrong train the other day ...have a look at Sydney's skyline
#4 lemon cake I made

I am all excited about the screen printing class tomorrow...

Have a wonderful weekend,

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

7 things

7 things

Nicole tagged and asked me to tell you seven things you don't know about me....well, I am sure there are many things you don't are a couple I thought of...

- I used to play the trumpet for many years, I remember how I loved to play the second voice - I sometimes really miss playing an instrument and still have many melodies in my head. I would love to be able to play the clarinet, it can be such a happy and sad instrument
- My older brother and I had these kids fights about everything when we were little, one day I kicked him so badly that I broke my foot
- I didn't like to eat raw tomatoes for a long long time...but now I just love the smell of the first fresh tomatoes in Summer
- When I am really cold it can happen that I sleep with my wool hat as I just love to have a warm head
- I never had long hair - ever! (when I was little many people thought I was a boy)
- I was quiet a wild student in school and my parents often got calls from my teachers back then due to my behavior :) (which is now a lot better)
- In the last years I felt that I get more and more the need to create things. It gives me so much joy to sew, knit, do any sorts of crafting
- Also that I was living in big cities the last couple of years, I am a nature person at heart

actually these were 8 things about me you might have not known......

A good Wednesday to all of you...


Sunday, May 22, 2011

hello - it has been a while!

Autumn in Sydney -Redfern
Autumn in Sydney - Elizabeth Bay
Beautiful Elizabeth Bay on a Sunday morning
Best beetrot sandwich at café 485
Autumn in Sydney - Paddington
MelbourneFinders Keepers Market

Hi you all
...suddenly two weeks are gone and I haven't written one word here...I am good, I am enjoying Autumn so much and the weather has been beautiful since I am back. It got a lot colder, but the light here in Sydney just amazes me so much and I love to see the warm Autumn colours popping up here and there...

How are you?

It is Sunday morning and I just came back from a run through the Botanic Gardens and had a look through the pictures of the last roll I shot. Unfortunately some of the pictures didn't turn out as I expected, nevertheless here are a couple of my latest film.
1-Redfern yesterday, 2/3- Elizabeth Bay, 4/5- me, 6- best beetroot sandwich, 7- Sonoma bakery sourdough break, 8- Colours in Paddington, 9- Melbourne 10-Beautiful origami work at the finders keepers market yesterday

+ We are listening to the new Bon Iver song over and over again and are very excited about the new album
+ I am soo looking forward to next Saturday as I have signed myself up for a screen printing class.
+ Thoughts of a short trip are running through our head and we were thinking of going to New Zealand or Tasmania for a couple of days, do you guys have any great recommendations?

You know what, life is good!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Hamburg on film

At the fleamarket
Having soup with a friend
Royal Wedding day

When I took the train last week up to Hamburg to spend a couple of days with dear friends there my heart jumped when the train drove inside Hamburg. If you ever have the chance to go to Hamburg..take the train, it is so wonderful to enter the city in that way. 'I am back' is what I thought....and couldn't believe that it was nine months that I had packed my bag, left job and friends and moved out of my apartment. The weather was so beautiful...and I had some wonderful days full of old memories and new moments ...

#1 At the Elbe-beach
#2 There are neighbourhoods in Hamburg where all you want to do is walking up with your head looking up trying not to miss the beautiful facades of the houses around you
#3 At the flea market
#4 Having a good chat and soup with a friend at this place
#5 Me
#6 It was the day of the royal wedding and this place was so pretty decorated and also had quiet a British menu on that day.
#7/8/9 At the beach with friends a couple of hours before the train took me back

Have a wonderful Sunday...

Monday, May 2, 2011

some hours in Munich

on a friends balcony in Munich

It is my last day today here at home and tonight I will get on the plane again back to Sydney.
Last week I visited dear friends in Munich and Hamburg.
Here are four pictures of a great time on a friends balcony in Munich.
I have a whole roll ready to be developed which I took in Hamburg and which I will show you soon...
It was such a precious time I spent in both cities, it was just what I needed.