Thursday, September 29, 2011



These are the last images from the roll I shot two weeks ago. I was really happy how they turned out and I am glad I can share all these nice moments with you.
So many of you asked about the raincoat I got. I don't have an image of me wearing it but found this image here.

Do you have some music recommendations for me?

I have this one for you...

be happy>> Maria

Sunday, September 25, 2011

the last weekends

to the stairs
Weekend coffee
Botanic Gardens

It was raining all day today. But you know, I like such days when you wake up because of the rain outside, read a book and drink tea in bed. I got my sewing machine ready after breakfast to sew a couple of things while listening to music.
I was also quiet happy that I could wear the raincoat I bought last weekend after I went back home from the beach and when it was approximately 30 degrees :) It was 70% off and from Marimekko and I thought "oh my it will probably take me a year until I will be able to wear it", but well, just needed to wait one week :)

Here are a couple of more images from the last two weekends.

Thanks so much for your comments on my last post (the film I usually use is a Kodak 200)


Thursday, September 22, 2011


eat here
Carrott and Ginger
Coffee, Tea & Me Redfern
Coffee, Tea & Me Redfern
Coffee, Tea & Me Redfern

A Thursday post, what a surprise.
I realized lately that I only tend to blog on the weekend. I will try to change this and find little things and moreover the time during the week to say hi here more often.
I picked up the images of my last film roll today. 5 to 7 it was when I got into the store and I was glad I got them. I love to see the some memories and moments on a foto. The roll had pictures of the last two weekends and the images here show my last Saturday - it sometimes nice to get out of your neighborhood and explore a other places, streets, lane ways.... We've been to Redfern last Saturday to read our newspaper in one of the cafes there. I had a carrot/ginger juice at Baffi & Mo and before we went home we passed the place Coffee,Tea & Me where we took place at their great bike seat seats and had a nice coffee in the sun.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Spring or Summer?

Spring breakfast
Spring fruits
.. on my walk
... on my walk
At the beach - Bondi
Life is good!
Reading at the beach

Life is good here in Sydney. The weekends are the oasis of the week and I try to enjoy every bit of it. I guess this is also why I tend to wake up quiet early to start the day. Spring feels like Summer and we had our first passion fruits and strawberries this weekend. Packed with a book, fruits and my camera(s) I went for a little walk to the beach, took the bus for the last bit of it and enjoyed the blue of the water and the sea breeze in my face with the sun and I thought this feels like Summer ...

As you can see I had my Pentax with me and hope I get the film developed soon.

Take care,

>> I enjoy Kristina's pictures so much, especially these ones
>> And I sometimes want to live in Sophie's images
>> I am so into Talking Heads lately

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Another weekend

Saturday in a cafe in Sydney
Room 10 (again)
Loving the poppies

A weekend of early mornings and runs in the park, tea in a cafe, chats to a lovely friend back home, reading emails from good friends, cafe time with friends, Spring sun and chilly evening walk home after a funny movie on Saturday and now cooking a warm soup

>> Mette's wonderful house idea
>> I can't wait to see Elizabeth's new collection, here is a first sneak peak
>> In love with Sessun's new Autumn/Winter collection, I think I also got a new hair inspiration

I booked a trip to Tokyo for January today. I can't wait!!
Let me know if you know places I should not miss

An already excited Maria wishes you a good start in the week :)

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Poppies & Spring

Our new favorite Spring salad
Fog Linen catalogue
Fog Linen catalogue
The branches are getting green
In the neighborhood
Spring Sky

A beautiful Spring weekend it was. We made a wonderful Spring salad yesterday and I think it will be my favorite salad next to this salad which we made a lot last Summer. It was so good that I can't wait to make it again...What else did I do. We were sitting in the sun, reading newspaper, letting the time go by, I was waking up early this morning and finished a book while I could see with the bright sun coming throughout that it was a beautiful day outside. After a an afternoon walk in our neighborhood I decided to get some Spring home with me and got some poppies. I can't wait until they all show their full colors.

#1 Best Spring salad!
Quinoa/carrot/radish/cos salad/spring onions/fennel/feta/mint/coriander/parsley/lemon dressing with self made hummus and matzah bread
#2 colors in the apartment
#3/4 inspiration from the fog linen catalogue
#5 You can see some of the bold trees putting on their green 'dress'
#6 Poppies
#7/8 In the neighborhood
#9 Spring in the apartment

Did you all have a wonderful weekend? What did you do?

Take care,