Monday, December 29, 2014

Northern Beaches

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A few more beach impressions.
I am trying to bring my camera out for walks here in Hamburg but the light is rare here in Winter so it will take longer to get a roll of film full. We are still waiting to get our container from Sydney until then my digital camera is locked away and all I can show you are some more impressions from Australia. I hope you don't mind. I am also working on my yearly review....hopefully it will be ready soon :) Just a few more days to go.

>< Mieke and Renilde made the wonderful ABC book which I can't wait to receive in the mail. Have a look here.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Winter at the beach

Northern Beaches, AustraliaUntitledNorthern Beaches, AustraliaNorthern Beaches, AustraliaNorthern Beaches, AustraliaNorthern Beaches, Australia

Thank you so much for all your kind words about our move to Hamburg. The first two weeks went by and we have been slowly adjusting to the colder weather and few hours of daylight every day. We have been lucky and our first apartment application went through and we got the keys for our new place yesterday. Now all we need is our container which is on its way from Sydney.

I am so glad for all the photos I took while being in Sydney in the last years. It happened in the last weeks that we sat on the couch and flicked through them, remembering days, moments, chats, friends.....I came across these photos I took in 2013 at the Northern Beaches and I realized I never shared them even though I really like the mood and colours of those shots.

The other day I went for my first swim here after work. It was -4C and I took the train two stops further of our current home. I have never been to this bath but it was one of those old beautiful bathes with old tiles and high ceilings. When I asked where the pool for the laps is they pointed outside. Yes, the pool was outside. I wasn't sure if I can do it as I thought this is quiet an extreme contrast to the pool I was used to go to in Sydney. Well, I saw two elder people outside, swimming their laps, so I got changed and after slowly counting till 3 (maybe 5) I entered the water (which was of course heated) and started swimming my laps.

So here I was, swimming in this heated pool, my head cold and the rest of my body warm, the water was 'sending' clouds of steam into the cold and dark night air and every now and then the subway drove by. It was very different to the pool in Sydney but in its own way it was also very nice.