Sunday, November 28, 2010


Juice in the morning

I was lazy this week with taking pictures. I realised that I just took three images the whole week!

#1 One of a nice fresh juice Will made me before I left for work.

#2 Another one of summer fruits. I enjoy them a lot and oh the mangos are in season now too.

#3 I passed this house today when I visited a friend in Bondi. I liked the symmetric, the green the stripes with the bricks - everything

I am very flattered that Mandy wrote a post about me on her beautiful and inspiring blog. Have a look here.

Have a wonderful week

Sunday, November 21, 2010

A summer weekend

Farmers Market
bats all over the city

Hi everyone, how is your weekend going.
It is Sunday evening here in Sydney and I just look at the pictures I took the last couple of days. It was a warm and sunny weekend and ...
#1 we went to the farmers market to get the first fresh basil of the season to make fresh pesto this summer.
#2 I see those beautiful purple trees everywhere. They smell so good too.
#3-5 We grabbed our towels and magazines and enjoyed the Saturday afternoon sitting in the shade, reading close to the water
#6-8 We went on the rooftop of a friends house and were surprised by the amazing view and the many bats we saw
I am about to get christmas presents ready to send them over to Germany. I think I have never written christmas cards and wrapped gifts earlier.

I would love to send you all some sun....


P.S. I can't believe the tickets for Sufjan Stevens in January are already sold out. If anyone has an idea (apart from ebay) how I can get my hands on tickets, please let me know..

Monday, November 15, 2010



Summer was here this weekend. It was really warm (32°C) and I took the camera with me on Saturday while being out.
Here are a few shots...

#1 I love bread with cucumber, it is something I somehow connect to Summer.
#2 Summer light
#3 I like this shape
#4 It is the second strawberry season for me this year
#5 black and white
#6 It is so nice to wear sandals again
#7 :)
#8 A coffee on a Saturday afternoon.


Monday, November 8, 2010


On a Saturday
Pattern on the wall
Great store on Liverpool
A little score

It was the first Saturday in the month and I tried my luck (again) and went to the Surry Hills flea market. Well, I guess the rain in the morning was the reason why not so many people/stalls showed up and there was not so much to browse around or look at, which was a shame.
#1 mirror window
#2 a pretty scarf at the flea market
#3 patterns on the wall
#4 heart
#5 'why do birds suddenly appear?'
#6 A really nice store on Liverpool street, unfortunately not so cheap to make a bargain, but
#7 there opened a store right next to it (forgot the name) and I got this really nice plum jar there.


Thursday, November 4, 2010