Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hamburg is for lovers I


What a warm and sunny weekend we had here in Hamburg.
On Saturday I shared my weekend pastry ritual with this lovely lady. We went on a little bike trip and stopped very spontaneously to go to the zoo.
I just love the pose of the male baboon. Can you believe how he sits there, and puts his right arm on his knee, like he is waiting for the bus at the bus station:)
It was also the first time I took out my polaroid SX-70...Unfortunately the film really
shows that it was already expired..well..I guess I will always be so fascinated by the great colours that I even take them with a bunch of black spots ...

On Sunday I got up quiet early and went out for a run. I like the feeling of being up when many people still seem to sleep. It is just quiet and after you come back and had a shower it still feels like early in the morning....I had fresh pressed orange juice and ate my breakfast with an open balcony door ...I enjoyed this so much...
Later in the day I catched up with friends at a park and we went to the beach...You could tell that it was the very first warm day after a long long time. We had 21°C and everyone seemed to be out on their bikes, at any park, café or sitting with an icecream at the beach welcoming the ships entering the harbour...
When I biked back from the beach along the river in the evening I just thought how much I really love this city.

After this warm and sunny weekend today was just very grey and rainy. I put on my purple shoes to protest a bit against this....and when I came back from work and sat down to eat my dinner...for a little time slot the sun came out...well I guess it worked out to the best time....

What did you do on the weekend...
Could you enjoy the first warmth of the sun too?


Friday, April 23, 2010

A few streets


There is a bunch of streets here in Hamburg which I always liked. Especially one street I am fond of ever since I have been there the very first time.
It has so much charm this cobbled street with its beautiful trees -- which seem like they are dead in Autumn and Winter...but oh wait for Spring...they are just stunning..
The houses are tall and beautiful but the street is still wide enough that they all get enough light...Some of the houses have stairs in front of them and the people who live there have wild little flower patches in front of their houses...and it just seems very quiet there...like an oasis...
It is not a long street but it could take me some time to walk through..as I look up and love to see details and stop here and there..
When I was looking for an apartment a year ago I remember how eager I was to find a flat there...but I couldn't..
I still like it there..and every now and than like today I walk along there and just enjoy it...
And today I even found a book there...lying in a box which had a sign "for free"... A good street....didn't I say it : )


Sunday, April 18, 2010


IMG_3237Spring blossoms
At the farmers market
come in
favourite pastry : )
At the flea market: buttons
Flea market scores...blue vase and the red calendar
In the evening

15° degrees today.
It was the first day out for my new shoes...
I like my Saturday ritual, Going out to the farmers market after breakfast...getting nice veggies and fruits, like apples
and my favourite pastry - ever -
I just enjoyed Spring while walking and especially the sun which was sort of flickering warmly on walls ...
Got tickets for the Broken Social Scene concert in July which I look so much forward to going to with Will...
After this I strolled via the flea market. I was a little late and it was already quiet packed with people but I managed to get this nice blue vase and a lovely calendar for my desk...I am so happy about both finds and didn't spend more than 7 Euros
On my way home I biked via the fun fair which was still closed...how weird such entertaining places seem when there isn't anyone around...
Glowing tulip in our kitchen, brightened with the evening light..

I hope you all had a good and relaxed day ....
Wish you a great & sunny sunday


Friday, April 16, 2010

Oranges can brighten your day

early orange juice
early orange juice
early orange juice
An early orange juice

The other day I dreamed badly - So badly that I woke up..
It was early in the morning...too early to get up and I lied in bed with open eyes...sort of starring at the ceiling and thinking what it was what woke me up...but I couldn't remember it....after a while I decided to get up...and on my way to the kitchen I passed the bowl with the oranges I got at the markets on the weekend....still not squeezed to a nice fresh juice...
I took them with me....and after squeezing the juice out of them I sat down by the kitchen table
and enjoyed every zip of it...
It was actually nice to start a morning like this (apart from the bad dream)...to sort of have time to sit down...and get slowly awake...having a fresh pressed orange juice and let the day start...without watching the time and being afraid to run late for the subway...

I am glad it is Friday tomorrow...It has been a busy week...
I hope you all had a good week...

Monday, April 12, 2010


In the morning
At the Lead Award exhibition
At the Lead Award exhibition
Green tea
I made this bag for a friend
What the time?
Chocolate-Banana Cake made by a friend

Saturday and Sunday could definitely keep up with Friday...no wonder with the sun being my companion most of the times....

#1 Went for a coffee with friends to Café Liebes Bisschen
#2/3 Started a little sewing project for a friend
#4 Got up early this morning and used the first time my new teapot...
#5/6...and catched up with a friend to go and see the Lead Award exhibition
#7 had a little snack...I do love crispbread
#8 and green tea with a bit of dark chocolate...
#9 finished the tote bag
#10 Thinking 'What time might it be in Australia right now'
#11 Got surprised by a friend who baked a banana-chocolate cake for tea