Saturday, August 13, 2011

7 Things about dressing

Elizabeth from the wonderful Primoeza blog tagged me to show 7 things about dressing. It took me a while to get this post ready but as I wanted to get my closet in order anyway, today was the day of getting the piles out, sorting, folding them and putting them back into my closet.
I could only bring a limited amount of stuff over to Australia and so I choose very carefully what to bring with me. Of course over the time you start buying things here and there but in the beginning I felt it was quiet a relief not to have too much stuff to choose from and that it is all about the mix. I realized today that I am really into color. I couldn't really tell my favorite color, navy-blue maybe but then I think of all the earthy tones I love, such as a nice forest green, a warm rusty orange or a mustard-yellow and I know..there is not really a favorite color.

Here are a couple of images from the stuff I like and treasure.
Some things from my closet
#1 I got quiet a few stripe-y items together over the years.
Some things from my closet
#2 I really love colorful jeans, and lately especially corduroy
Some things from my closet
#3 I am a collar lover! (Shirt from COS)
Some things from my closet
#4 and well plaid, too
#5 In Germany I love to layer up in Autumn and Winter and love to wear heavy-knit and jackets, well this was the only one I took with me and I think I did it because of the color :)
(Jacket from COS)
#6 I am 100% a flat shoe person
#7a I always have a bag with me as I am trying not to use any plastic bags you get here everywhere
#7b my best friend and always with me. My backpack.

I would love to tag Sophie, Trixi and Anne Louise


Cecilie Askov said...

wow!! You have great taste! Where du you buy all of these pretty colored jeans? And where did you get the green jacket? So pretty!

Ida/FarEastLogbook said...

Goodness, I'd love to take over your wardrobe, especially all those stripy things ;-) I'm actually in the middle of packing one suitcase right now and oddly enough I'm loving the challenge of just packing what I really need and love. It feels so refreshing :-)

renja said...

Oh my God, this was something amazing and perfect! I love these clothes and your style.

Anna of The Analog House said...

lovely! I have a huge collection of stripes, plaids, and totes, too!

Trixi said...


Okay der Tag passt insofern gut, da ich durch den Urlaub auch gerade auf- und einräumen muss. Mal sehen wann ich das schaffe :)

Und ich kann total nachvollziehen, wie gut es sich am Anfang in Sydney angefühlt haben muss, ich mag es auch sehr, wenn man seine Umgebung auf die wichtigen Sachen reduziert.

mieke willems said...

great post! and agree with you in many things, especially the colors, flat shoes and collars. but also we both have this backpack too, and totebags all over :)

Vivi said...

Hey María, lovely post.
I have some questions about blogging, is it ok if I email you? Let me know.
Have a wonderful day!


Charlyn W said...

Ohh, Maria!
This is super lovely!!!!

I too love stripes, canvas totes and my Kånken ofcourse! ;D

Happy weekend to you! xoxo

fast times in münchen. said...

Maria - You. Are. Awesome. xx

P R I M O E Z A said...

isn't it funny when you get everything out at once and see how much colour there is? your coloured pants look amazing all lined up and that jacket is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for your lovely comments :)

@Cecilie: the pants are mostly from American Apparel, their slim slacks are really great. The rusty colored one is from Gorman an Australian brand which is really worth checking out.
@Trixi: Ich glaub dein Schrank ist meinem sehr ähnlich :)
@Vivi: Sure thing. I am happy to answer questions about blogging
@Elizabeth: Oh yes, I know what you mean. I very regularly take everything out of the closet, just to see what I miss out because it ended up at the bottom of a pile :)

dani said...

love your style! i'm also a big fan of stripes, flats and collars! where is your pretty white blouse from? : )

joana said...

nice selection of clothes! love the stripes and the earthy tones

Stefanie said...

Tolle Fotos! Mir gefallen vor allem die Schuhe *kreisch*. Die möchte ich allesamt auch!!! Ahh die roten Sandalen! Solche suche ich schon sooooo lange!

Irene said...

wunderschöne dinge!

kristina said...

Oh, sehr hübsche Sachen! Die Jacke sieht ganz wunderbar aus!

Amanda Jane Jones said...

my goodness...i love your wardrobe. I also collect stripes. :)

jana said...

tolles post maria, echt schön! die t-shirts hab ich auch fast alle glaube ich, hihi. und den rucksack, aber in blau und schon etwas formloser. ich muss wohl mal die american apparel-hosen probieren. derzeit bin ich kaum im netz, weil wir (endlich und tatsächlich) umziehen!!!!! und das dauert ewig...wenn alles wieder ruhig ist erzähl ich mehr. wünsch dir eine gute woche!!

Cati Basmati said...

Thanks for sharing. I so envy your jacket and I am with you with the flat shoes. And the striped shirts and the colorful pants and the collars.

Eunice said...

I love the scalloped collar in that white shirt.

sunkentreasure said...

oh fun Maria!! I love your closet :-) the backpack is super-cute. wonderful post !!
(my holiday is officially over now, so I hope I'll find some time for this)

celine said...

oh gosh! stripes and plaid, flats, totes and a fjallraven backpack! we have very similar tastes! and i love that scalloped collar!

Alicia said...

lovely post :)

laura tj said...

love your wardrobe!!! hey the multicolour lace up shoes next to the red shoes, where are they from? love them much!

Cara Edwards said...

i've been trying to by that backpack online for ages but they are always sold out! so i settled for another, a bit sad. love your colourful jeans! i've been tagged in this too, must get on it!

alessandra said...

I love everything you showed to us. I'm a flat shoes person too and a bag lady same as you! oh and that jacket is gorgeous!

anne said...

you know, i have been meaning to do this, but have only just found my camera re-charger, so maybe that can be tomorrow's fun activity :)

and - hilariously - i can 'see' my clothes in yours, especially the stripes and flats: classics ! (but jealous of your coat :) )

Ilmarie said...

@See Hear Say: They're from Minimarket, I think you don't get them anymore as they're from one of the last seasons.
But check out Asos, they have similar ones ;)

Anonymous said...


ich wollte dir nur sagen,dass ich deinen blog sehr gerne anschaue & hätte eine kurze frage:
der fjällraven-rucksack,welche farbe hat er?ist das "brick" oder "brown"?
vielen dank schon einmal für die info!

viele grüße,

Anonymous said...

Hi Theresa, danke dir, das freut mich, dass du hier gerne vorbeischaust..die Farbe des Rucksacks ist Brick...Lieber Gruss

that kate said...

Gosh how wonderful. I also love my Kanken :)