Friday, April 22, 2011

on film

in my mum's garden
from boxes
A walk
In the forest
in the forest
an old wine bar
on the market

I see the blossoms of the trees everywhere and they are so beautiful that I always tend to take pictures of them. They are something you wait for when the Winter doesn't seem to end. I didn't have the feeling this year...but I still appreciate them so much, these delicate blossoms..

I have my pentax with me here at home and I hope I can capture some of the moments here to look at them when I am back in Australia

# 1 A tree in my parents garden
#2 A beautiful flower in my mums little garden. I always loved their shape and remember that as a kid I pressed the hearts with my fingers and they made little noises as if they keep air in them
#3 I passed that lion my sister made when she was in kindergarten and it hangs there every since she brought it home. When you are away for a while and come back you realize so many things which have always been there but suddenly grab your attention. Like familiar noises, such as certain corners in the house make when you walk on wooden floorboards or open a door...or the birds which sing so differently here than they do in Australia
#4 I stumbled over this box in which I kept letters, notes or all sorts of was like finding a treasure box
#5/6/7 these are from the walk through the near forest with my sister. The forest was so green and glowing with the sun making its way through the trees
#8 In the city - one of the old wine bars
#9 The weekly market in the city

I wish you all some nice and relaxing days off....

take care


Anonymous said...

Ah, I faved the pine one on flickr.
I love all the photos, they have an atmosphere..

MANDY said...

So lovely, it must be so lovely for you to be home .... love the lion, so special.
Enjoy your Easter Maria XXX

dear olive said...

Such lovely photos (as ever). And must be SO lovely to be back home where everything old is new again but in that beautiful so familiar way. Enjoy! Kellie xx

Tana said...

Super jolies photos! the lion is awesome,there are so many little things we get attached to when we are far from home.
Happy Easter weekend to you, wish you lots of smiles,happy and sunny days at home!

Luise said...

Genieß den Wahnsinnsfrühling!!
Lieben Gruß und frohe Ostern :)

Christoph said...

Sieht nach Würzburg aus, wenn mich nicht alles täuscht...

P R I M O E Z A said...

lovely, lovely, lovely.

jana said...

schöne fotos maria.
ich hoffe du hast eine wunderbare zeit.
wir sind seit gestern wieder zu hause.
frohen ostermontag, und lieben dank für deine mail. xxx

Kristina said...

frohe ostern, hoffe du hattest schöne tage mit family und freunden. die box ist der hammer, ist es nicht ein wunderbares gefühl durch die ganzen alten schätze zu schauen?? :)
lg und noch einen schönen ostermontag!

Anne said...

Is it Würzburg you're from? My hometown (Caen) is twinned with it.

Lisa said...

You have such a lovely blog. In dutch we call the flowers in the second picture 'little broken hearts'.

Cecille Puppu said...

Like all the photos! Really nice mood.