Sunday, August 15, 2010

A weekend

poaching pears in orange juice
Shopping veggies
Blood orange
Cinnamon pastry from the Sonoma bakery
Where did the weekend go.
It went by so fast...with lots of sun and good food ...

#1 Eight-Nine-Six-Seven-Five on my walk
#2 Blue
#3-5 cutting, squezing oranges to poach pears in their juice with prunes
#6 the breakfast: Yoghurt with linseed oil, grounded linseed and the poached pears with orange juice
#7 Getting veggies at the market
#8 We had a great Saturday lunch.
Hers: Bread with fennel and roisins, avocado, cheddar and olive oil
#9 His: Mustard, roasted lamp and rocket
#10 Blood orange
#11 shiny leaves
#12 The cinnamon pastry I was talking about the other day.

How was your weekend?


marie said...

great - yours sounds pretty great too:)

bastisRIKE said...

oh ist das eine caterine holm schuessel? ich bin ein wenig neidisch ;)

freundliche grueße
vom anderen ende

me, mine, myself, and I said...

pretty good. i was hanging out with friends. and your pictures are good :)

Trixi said...

Ui, der Topf ist ja farblich verwandt mit meinem :)
Habe noch nicht geschafft, dir zu antworten, mache ich ganz bald!!! Hab eine schöne neue Woche!

frauheuberg said...

oh...really exciting and so good to see you have fun in your new "home"country...have a great sunny week and wonderful first weeks in australia...cheers and hugs...I...

jana said...

Mmmmh der Yogurt! Wie schmeckt denn Leinsamenöl? Ist total gesund oder?
Guten Wochenanfang, lieben Gruss!!

Yvonne said...

hi Dear,
wie war das Wochenende? wirklich wirklich schön.
und unsre bride to be hat sich gefreut wie bolle :)
Ich schicke Dir ein paar Bilder rüber.

i♥sisterbrandt said...

· { NICE PICS } ·

irene said...

sehr schöne fotos, wie immer :) dieses zimtgebäck schaut wirklich lecker aus, die brote ebenfalls!

Melanie said...

looks like a yummy weekend and that you're enjoying sydney!

Anne said...

That building is quite impressive! Sydney seems to have quite varied architecture.

Mandy said...

I really must try one of those pastries !!!

Dearleila said...

these all look so delicious! and that sky is so blue, i miss seeing blue skies. also, i think you've inspired me to make lemonade : )

Kasa said...

oh so beautiful. happy to see you're having such a fabulous time.