Saturday, March 13, 2010

The first week


It is exactly one week since I am here in Fremantle/Western Australia.
What a great week I had.

Felt the sun on my bare feet.
We made delicious pizza in the pizza oven.
Went for a swim in the Indian Ocean at 8.30 in the morning and I loved it so much.
Enjoyed every bit of sun, I am not a big lying-in-the-sun-at-the-beach-person but I love the brightness of it.
Had toasted fruit bread with butter and yogurt and fruits for breakfast. Hmmm...
Painted teapots with Will's wonderful mom in her studio. They are about to get burned and I can't wait to put the second colour layer on them.
Went on a road trip Down South to Bunker Bay. We drove through mystic looking forests, have been at the most beautiful beaches, got amazing fresh-baked bread from a German baker down there and also went to Leeuwin Lighthouse where the Southern Ocean meets the Indian Ocean and listened to great music while being down there.

I had a fantastic week with so many wonderful and unforgettable moments. About which I will write later.

We will be in Sydney and Melbourne next week and I look really forward to being there, catching up with friends, having good food and just a wonderful time.

Hope you are all well.



ktinka said...

wow! tolle bilde! und: sandalen. NEID!

anneemall said...

Like the comment above says: Wow! For us stuck at work in ice-cold Europe, it seems like dream holidays: the sun, the sea, lovely sandals and dresses, great food... Make the most of it!

Marion said...

you're so lucky to be there while we do are freezing our asses off here!
love the beach/abandonned shoes picture !!!

Trixi said...

Oh wie schön, das alles zu sehen! Ich hab soo Fernweh und freue mich gleichzeitig für dich. Tolle lebendige Bilder :)

Anonymous said...

Your gorgeous pictures really show what a great time you're having! Enjoy the rest of your stay down under!

Owls go hoot said...

beautiful photos! Looks like you're having a fantastic time. I can't wait to see that teapot in full working order! :-)

Kate said...

ach ihr tragt Sandalen... wie schön!
Blöd, dass ich mich für Schweden und England entschieden habe. Hätte die Trips zusammenlegen sollen und in die Sonne fahren ;)
Viel viel Spaß noch!

jana said...

mmm, sun on your feet...and those breads look incredible. have a great great time!

Megan said...

you always have the best pictures in your posts...the pizza looks delicious, wish I were painting teapots, and I love those nature shots...oh, and I agree with everybody else: your sandals are adorable...enjoy the rest of your adventures!

Anonymous said...

mariechen - wie wunderbar das alles aussieht, du scheinst die beste zeit zu haben.
so soll es sein!!!!!

liebe grüße

hearblack. said...

wow. these are great.
i wanted to list favorites, but it's basically all of them.
oh well, 2.bread in arms 3. trees 4. lighthouse 5. allll the rest

thanks for sharing these from your trip, keep them coming!

fashion-odyssey said...

danke. jetzt hab ich fernweh. unendliche sehnsucht nach Sonne und warmen Wind auf meiner Haut. Und das nur Dank deiner Fotos!
es sieht alles wunderbar entspannt aus. Ich hoffe es fühlt sich auch so an.

Katrin said...

Wow, das sieht großartig aus. Tolle Fotos. Viel Spaß weiterhin!

Anonymous said...

oh how warm and relaxing these photos are. the lighthouse is especially magical.

xo Alison

Anonymous said...

the most beautiful images!
your pleasure is palpable.

Kim said...

These are gorgeous pictures. May I ask what camera you use? xx

betsi said...

Das sieht nach Lebensqualität pur aus!

irene said...

oh, ich glaube, du hast wirklich tolle tage in australien! schönen urlaub noch!

lea said...

wow, you have been to australia, how exiting! lovely photos, it must be so great to feel the sun and warmth after such a long winter : )