Wednesday, January 6, 2010


cafe johanna

Café Johanna
Café Johanna
Café Johanna
Café Johanna
Café Johanna
in the subway

Just a few days old is this year and already fills its chapters.

Farewell on January the fifth. Last breakfast at Café Johanna.

Just a few months until I'll go on a plane for a long flight to see you again.
Just a few months.



Marion said...


jenna said...

yes, very beautiful. i hate goodbyes. it's the hardest thing we have to do, say goodbye.

gine said...

lovely pictures ^^!! and a bit late but: have a happy new year 2010 :-)!! XOXO

Dotti said...

So ein hübsches kleines Café. Aber: Wem musstest du denn bloß Lebewohl sagen, liebe Maria?

schorlemädchen said...

von meinem Bub liebe Dotti...

jana said...

that place looks really lovely.

●• Thereza said...

i adore your pictures!

Anonymous said...

wiedersehen kann so schön sein und die unmittelbare vorfreude wundervoll