Sunday, August 18, 2013


UntitledFlowers last Summer
Flowers last Summer The weather here in Sydney has been so good lately. It feels rather like Spring than Winter to be honest. There are not many weeks in the year I can wear my woolen jumpers. On Saturday I went for a walk with my camera....I haven't been so good here lately with showing recent photos, I will try and become better with that. You can also always see some photos on my instagram feed.

> Today I saw Tavi at the Sydney Opera House and was really impressed by her, how eloquent and knowledgable she is, but also just when I think that this girl is 17 years old, wow
> I really enjoy the new Washed Out album, especially this song.


rike said...

just take your time ... at least most important: have fun at this place :)

(a big tavi and rookie mag fan. i wished i had something like this by my side when i was in my teens)

(the rookie mag friday playlist are a favorite of mine. do you know them?)

DANANE said...

beautiful flowers. i love the color and the light.

lovely greetings

Mein Goldfischglas said...

Wirklich sehr schööööööööön :)

Rebecca said...

I agree, the light in these is gorgeous. I always enjoy your photos, regardless of them being recent or not.

jana said...

tolle farben maria...xx

querido diário said...

We can wait to see new pictures and they arrive in this shape of beautiful flowers!
i finally got myself an iphone and i'm following you on instagram!
Like Rike said,it is most important that you have fun and not an 'obligation' feeling in the blogging department :)
Tavi is amazingly mature and articulate...i saw her some time agou talking in a TED conference and she is really special*