Saturday, August 24, 2013



There is so much good new music out there:

I am listening to the new Washed Out album on rotation and especially like All I know
Also the new Volcano Choir (w/ singer Justin Vernon from Bon Iver) is great and I like this one a lot 
Big Light - Houses is wonderful
I love the cover image of the new Big Scary album, the song Lucky Now is great
Mount Kimbie - Blood and Form

What are you listening to?


Geraldo said...

Oooh, funky!

Marion said...

Same. The new Washed Out is the perfect sound for my summer, quite obsessed by it. The Mount Kimbie and Disclosure on repeat too. Sinatra also ( don't ask why ! )

Anneemall said...

I'm loving Amor de Dias. Who can resist this?

petal and plume said...

thank you for sharing! i am also loving anything by royal canoe!

tales of the golden state said...

what a lovely soundtrack to the
end-of-summer-mood on this side of the planet!

i'm currently smitten by rhye - open.

just saw him performing live on a festival in san francisco
and am so in love with his soothing voice now!

Julie (matundmi) said...

houses - tolle entdeckung, danke dir!

hier herrscht große begeisterung für die neue portugal the man platte und an den villagers hör ich mich auch nicht satt.

liebe grüße und ich freu mich immer über deine musik-empfehlungen!