Thursday, February 21, 2013

....after work

Surry Hills
Surry Hills
Surry Hills
Surry Hills
Surry Hills
Surry Hills
Surry Hills
Surry Hills

Sometimes when I leave work early and light is great and happen to have my camera with me I can get really excited.

Here are some photos I took a couple of weeks back when I was in Surry Hills and got my hair cut :)

I also post Cat Alley which I always love to more photos here

> I am fascinated by Vivian Maier's photography. I would really like to watch this documentary about her live and art.


querido diário said...

Wonderful pictures,as always :)

i felt this way a couple of days ago when i was leaving work and for the first time in months i could see a blue sky and marvelous light creating shadows and let me notice some new details on my way home,sadly i did not had my camera with me because it´s been raining so much,but i will try to correct that and starting carrying it again everyday,like i always do in Spring and Summer!

June said...

I love this Cat alley!

Katinka said...

Oh I remember that day! It was beautiful! I missed cat alley. Another reason to come back. Amongst about 200 others.

at swim-two-birds said...

I almost can't believe this is just a street. Love!!!
and lucky cats :^)

Birdie said...

Lovely :)

rike said...

dort winter, hier sommer ... sei lieb gegrueßt!

claire said...

i cannot wait to see this documentary either. i have a couple of her books and i am always amazed looking at her work.

i miss that australian light. it's dark when i leave work.

Little Girl Lost said...

i love seeing photos like these! they are so beautiful, yet simple & intriuging. you begin to make up your own narrative for each photo, something which makes each photo unique for every person. *soph

MANDY said...

Just magic shots Maria !

Jay said...

The fact that there is a space like this in the world filled with greenery and cats makes my heart a little.

That cat crossing sign is ADORABLE!