Sunday, October 28, 2012

Mina-no-ie - Melbourne

Mina-no-ie - Melbourne
Mina-no-ie - Melbourne
Mina-no-ie - Melbourne
Mina-no-ie - MelbourneMina-no-ie - Melbourne
Mina-no-ie - Melbourne

Melbourne you are full of good places. 

Mina-no-ie belongs to the same people who run CIBI and you can tell right away on the beautiful food you get there. I had a rhubarb crumble and a lemon and ginger tee and oh both were so delicious!

What were you up to this weekend?


Mendruga said...

All these places are amazing, pretty and confortable!

Meg said...

This just looks fantastic.

Anonymous said...

your photos are amazing. if i may ask what aperture do you use for most of your photos? or do you just use the auto? because my lens can't seem to switch to auto aperture sigggghhh

Anonymous said...

oh my oh my, i already love this place!
my weekend is a sad ammount of sleeping and studying. right now i'm going to a cosy café to get some study done there!

Susanne said...

these are the things for which I envy you :-) We have a beautiful autumn weekend, with sunny walk, warmly susanne

Rosalía said...

Melbourne seems amazing. Love to watch your pictures.
Greetings from Spain

Anna Emilia said...

So I wish I could join you one day on a treat like that.

Thank you, my weekend has been so nice so far. Playing in the snow a lot, voting for the municipal elections, going to sauna and walking long ways. Hot chocolate and pancakes.

Have a good new week Maria!

MANDY said...

Oh Maria, just checked out all your Melbourne posts (you really are the queen of cafe photos) ... I remember putting a shot of Monk Dharma Bodhi on my Friday Favorites, the interior looks so great .... and catching up with Elizabeth, how lovely !!!

Nileta Kotsikou said...

this has got to be one of the coolest restaurants ever. i love the garage door.

hiki said...

another place to add to my list! your photos are so lovely, they also make me miss melbourne!

hope you are well and happy maria.

Yasmin said...

this weekend was so specisl. we were in washington d.c.. waiting for 'sandy' on monday. a superstorm. it was such a strange atmosphere. but in thr end everything went well fot us. so lucky.

Catherine Tang said...


your blog is lovely, and i especially love your photos taken with your Canon! May I ask what film you used to take the pictures in this post? I have a Canon AE-1 too :)