Thursday, November 1, 2012

Schoolhouse Studios 1 / Melbourne

Schoolhouse Studios Melbourne
Schoolhouse Studios Melbourne
Schoolhouse Studios Melbourne
Schoolhouse Studios Melbourne
Schoolhouse Studios Melbourne
Schoolhouse Studios Melbourne
Schoolhouse Studios Melbourne

The days are getting warmer here in Sydney and I am hoping to go for a swim in the sea on the weekend. I hardly had the camera with me in the last weeks, lucky I still have some photos from Melbourne to show you. 

Olga and Belinda told me about the studio they share with Anne at the Schoolhouse Studios. It is a beautiful space in an old Steiner school and I was lucky that the day before I arrived they opened an exhibition, 'Place of Assembly' which I was very happy about to visit. I was trying to go into every room as every single one of them seemed so different and special - such a beautiful space, also the garden was amazing but more to that in my next post. 

>> The wonderful Olga was in Sydney the other day and came by for a tea. It was the first weekend in our new apartment, have a look here at the photos she took. Thanks Olga :) Also, the photos in the light box above are Olga's work as well. 


lotte said...

hi maria, so, so schöne fotos! ich mag das dezente, pastelle & seichte sehr! und all die wundaschönen musta!!!! :) <3 (:

Belinda said...

Oh that glorious wisteria vine! It's even more bountiful now.

I'm sorry that we couldn't be there to show you around. It looks like you found all the lovely things, though. These photos are beautiful.

Nileta Kotsikou said...

beautiful space indeed. and so good to see the girl's blogs. their work is really inspiring and interesting :)

claire said...

oh! what a space. and such a lovely little interview, maria. those photos of you are just lovely.

Olga Bennett said...

I LOVE seeing this place through your eyes, Maria! thank you for your kind words too :)

MANDY said...

Oh Maria, I just saw Olga's shots of you and the little interview, you look so lovely, I love Olga's photographs .... and what an amazing space Schoolhouse Studios is !!!

Debie Grace said...

Pretty space! Your photos are all relaxing to look at especially the third one :)

Marion said...

Love love Olga's pictures of you !

aloÿse said...

This place is amazing.
A lot of great idea can born in a space so big, luminous and beautiful.

Your picture are great. You create a nice atmosphere.

L▲UR▲ said...

i love reading olga's post and photos about you and your charming little apartment!!

jmb said...

Lovely spot, reminds me a little of the secret garden.