Thursday, October 27, 2011

>< a winner

Trading Hours

It's been a hectic week and I hardly found time for myself and things I like to do - well, sometimes I wish to have a week full of Saturdays like I had it here ...

I am sorry it took me so long but I just drew the winner of my little give away and the lucky winner is Kerry. Yay! Kerry you will soon send some mail over the seas to London

Thank you so much again for your wonderful comments.



Anonymous said...

Hallo Liebe Maria,
ich mag deinen Blog so sehr,
den Blick für die kleinen wundervollen Dinge im Leben!

MANDY said...

Love this shot Maria, is that the little Barber Shop in Potts Point ?
Oh and really, how great are those sister shots in your last post, I adore them !!!

Anonymous said...

Lindo,me encanto esta foto.

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Linda said...

Hello Maria!
I just discovered your blog. And I truly loved it. You make beautiful pictures that let the world look beautiful as it is. I also checked your flickr account in my eagerness :)
Would you mind if I post one of your latest pics to my blog? Of course I would say that it's yours and put a link to your blog.

I am definitely going to follow you, and can't wait for the next post. I would really love it if you'd check me, too - though all of my posts are currently in Italian :/ I'll make my best to start writing in English.

Thanks for the feelings you inspired me.

Have a lovely day!

amanda jane said...

I love your striped top in the reflection. :)