Monday, June 28, 2010

It's Summer

Friday night pasta
hmm, summer you are here
100 a
Dollhouse at the fleamarket
Dollhouse at the fleamarket

It is Summer here. It is beautiful. The city is so green and I love that you can bike home late in the evening without wearing a jacket, that you can still smell the warmth of the day and see that the sky doesn't really want to turn dark but wants to get a beautiful summer day again.

#1 started my weekend with some pasta
#2 got summer fruits at the markets
#3 went on a little bike-tour and stumbled over a couple house number signs
#4 and this little doll house at the flea market which furniture was just adorable
#5 sitting on the balcony enjoying the sun and the freshness of a kiwi
#6 going out to a nice pizza place with dear friends
#7 walking through the neighbourhood Altona
#8 smiling about the little guy on my friends old road bike
#9/10/11 waking up early in the morning, opening the door of the balcony and having breakfast
enjoying every bit of this day

How was your weekend?
I hope you could also enjoy the warmth of the sun and its beautiful light.



sandra said...

mmm the strawberries look amazing. my weekend has been looong so i decided to work today. hope you'll have a great new week :)

Ina said...

wieder mal ganz tolle Fotos!
Wie hast Du die Pasta gemacht? Gibts da ein Rezept? Das sieht ganz großartig aus!

Liebe Grüße

merel said...

Man!! I love your summer!! What do we have without summer? But I have to say that winter is also favourite with me...

marie said...

great, but a lot cooler here:)

amy said...

oh i love dollhouses, cutest things on the planet. :)

bananenblatt said...

du hast immer die schönsten Tassen, diese mit den würfeln ist toll! und die Tulpenschüssel ist auch seeeehr schön....

melski said...

what a great dolls' house, i love the kitchen!

Maria said...

looks great. the pizza,pasta and strawberries- I'm getting hungry!
my weekend was wonderful, we celebrated midsummer at a friends summerplace:)

dani said...

everything looks so delicious! i just love strawberries in the summer..

irene said...

oh ja, endlich sommer! die fotos sind wirklich schön :)

Katja said...

Sounds/looks like a great (and yummy!) weekend :)

Anonymous said...

everything looks so yummy! i had pasta last night, but should've added some tomatoes. mmm

schorlemädchen said...

@sandra: Thanks Sandra ; )
@Ina: Oh das war eine ganz simple Pasta. Einfach Nudeln kochen. Butter in ein Töpfchen. Knoblauch andünsten und Salbeiblätter dazu und darin schwenken...Nudel dazu und zwei frische Tomaten klein-schneiden und darüber...Pfeffer, Salz, Parmesan: Fertig : )
@Merel: Oh I do love all the seasons..I think Autumn is my favourite : )
@Marie: I have heard that it is colder over there..I will feel it in a bit
@amy: Yes it was a very cute dollhouse
@Bananenblatt: Danke dir : )
@melski: thank you dear Melski
@maria: oh I heard of the midsummer celebrations..I would love to join this once
@dani: oh strawberries are the best aren't they...all berries
@irene: danke dir
@Katja: thank dear Katja
@dearleila: I think fresh tomatoes can make the cherry on the cake on a pasta : )