Monday, June 14, 2010


I had cake with friends
I did it again...
Another Sunday another cake: Hazelnut, chocolate, cherry..yum

A cloudy weekend it was. I was thinking several times that I am still wearing my red wool hat even that it is June. I don 't know if I ever did this before - also that I quiet like my hat : )

#1 Field flowers at the farmers market
#2 Getting some veggies and fruits
#3 A familiar sticker
#4 me
#5 I passed this open house on my way home from the markets
#6 I think red and green veggies and fruits are quiet a good combination
#7 breakfast
#8 The cloudy sky yesterday
#9 I had some nice cake with friends and "Apfelschorle" (which is apple juice with sparkling water and very German)
#10 My good friend the herbal tea
#11 On my way home
#12 A litte snack
#13 I started my day with some fresh orange juice this morning
#14 Two friends and I baked spontaneously a cake together. We used what we found in our shelves..Hazelnuts, chocolate and cherries...

How was your weekend? I hope you are all well



Anonymous said...

Apfelschorle sounds delicious - I'll have to try to make a "home-made" version!

Anne said...

Yum, the cake seems great too!
I knew what "Mädchen" meant but not "Schorle" so I looked the word up, that's how I learnt about this drink specialty :)

bananenblatt said...

schöne essensfotos!
mein wochenende: vier flohmärkte, schlaf nachholen, hitze und wegfliegende strohhüte!

elena gold said...

what a nice weekend. and you make perfect snacks in my opinion! have a lovely week, wishing you a bit of sun!

amy said...

what a lovely looking weekend, especially the part with cake :)

chrrristine said...

schoene bilder, schoenes wochenende!
ueber nummer 3 musste ich laecheln,
der sticker ist in der tat sehr vertraut
(mein papa hatte einen auf seinem fahrrad,
und auf der anderen seite "sonnenenergie ja bitte!")
liebe gruesse!

jenna said...

oh oh, i do love farmers' markets! they make me happy. and the food here, it all looks so good!

irene said...

wow. jedes einzelne foto zeigt, dass dein wochenende wunderschön war :)

Barbara said...

what a lovely way to show us your weekend

hearblack. said...

never fail to impress

such great photos, and incredible food!

jeanine said...

love, love, love 6, 7 and 8. my weekend was lovely. bbq with friends, patio lanterns, drinks and cirque du soleil. perfect.

and flowers pick themselves said...

so much wonderfulness! i love kusmi tea :)

xo Alison

Maggie said...

All your lovely meals are making me hungry here at my computer--such gorgeous veggies and cakes! I think those right there are the signs of a good weekend.

naa said...

your weekend was great! I love this post... it's so lovely, energetic and yumm! :)
Thank you for such lovely comments on my flickr and blog... they mean a lot to me...*

Good night and sweet dreams!

Anonymous said...

Mmm yum! Everything looks so good. Also, it's been colder than normal here in LA. Can't wait for it to completely warm up! Lovely photos btw.

Marion said...

cloudy day here...
your weekend looked perfect !

stephanie renee said...

everything looks so tasty!

lotte said...

no. 5 sieht ja suuuuper gemütlich aus!! ississ im café? und wenn ja, verrätste mir wo? liebe grüße, lotte.

lotte said...

p.s.: der dunkle himmel mit den tollen altbauten und das erdbeerfrühstück sehn ja auch sehr yammy, yammy aus.;D

Maria said...

it all looks so good-so fresh!

melski said...

Wow! These are gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!

maria said...

@ Deleilan: OH yes you should try is sooo refreshing
@Anne: : ) that is funny that you looked it up--I was thinking once if I should make a post about the word as I could imagine now so many understand it
@bananenblatt: Oh das klingt toll
@elena Gold: thank you dear Elenda
@amy: Thanks Amy, it was a very good cake
@christine: Ja die guten Sticker. meine Tante hatte davon auch einen : ) aber den mit der Sonnenenrgie kannte ich noch nicht : )
@Jenna: Thank market are the best..
@Irene: Danke liebe war wirklich ein schönes Wochenende
@barbara: Thank you..I am happy you like it
@Hearblack: : ) thank you
@Jeanine: Wow..your weekend sounds so goood too
@and flowers pick themselves..Oh yes it is a great great tea
@Maggie. : ) sorry for making you hungry : )
@naa...Thank you
@dear leila: It is a bit colder again here too..hope summer comes back soooon
@Marion: Thank you dear Marion
@ Lotte. Ja das ist im Cafe Herr May... danke dir für deinen lieben Kommentar Lotte
@Maria: thank you Maria
@Melski: Thanks..hope you are well

●• Thereza said...

love your food post but they do make me so hungry!