Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Saturday morning breakfast: my beloved ritual. Blueberry, pear and cinnamon Franzbrötchen
Street aquarium
guided by trees
the yellow arrow brought us to these two talented ladies: http://finetune-design.de/
In their studio
In their studio
Flea market colours
Cigarre paper
Flea market
Delightful Hamburg
Jonas, an old furniture store

I had friends visiting me on the weekend and we were out all Saturday enjoying the sun and the blue sky.

#1 Started the day with my Saturday addiction and had a blueberry, cinnamon and pear Franzbrötchen and also the first strawberries...hmm
#2 We just walked along the neighbourhoods and stumbled over an yellow arrow and found....
#3 this beautiful studio open. These two ladies make really great shirts, dresses, scarves and curtains with some beautiful screen-prints on them..
#4 We kept on walking had ice-cream and ended up at the flea market to look at all the nice little stalls and the things they were selling...I saw this Hamburg photobook from the 70's and became a bit melancholy while looking through it...I will miss this city...
#5 I needed to take a picture of this sign of an old furniture store...

Have a wonderful week


Kim said...

Looks like a good time! Is that a tree house? :)

Dotti said...

Ein Samstag mit Sonne, Flohmarkt und Franzbrötchen – ein Samstag ganz nach meinem Gusto. Und scheinbar war der Norden ja besser dran mit dem Wetter, Fräulein Maria? Herrlich!

Kati said...

Ui, warst du auf dem Feldstraßenflohmarkt? Da war ich Samstag auch! :)

Maria said...

great pictures of a great day! those little forks are lovely, I wish they were mine:)
have a good week you too!

melski said...

Looks like a fabulous weekend! So great to make the most of your city before the big move. I really like that image with the mirror. Thanks for your get well wishes :) Have a lovely weekend!

jeanine said...

sounds like THE perfect weekend. and i love the fish photo.

frauheuberg said...

just lovley pictures...and it had must the perfect weekend, right? i wish you some great few days here in germany...all the best and fine to jump over here from time to time...love your blog...;)...cheers and hugs...i...