Sunday, April 18, 2010


IMG_3237Spring blossoms
At the farmers market
come in
favourite pastry : )
At the flea market: buttons
Flea market vase and the red calendar
In the evening

15° degrees today.
It was the first day out for my new shoes...
I like my Saturday ritual, Going out to the farmers market after breakfast...getting nice veggies and fruits, like apples
and my favourite pastry - ever -
I just enjoyed Spring while walking and especially the sun which was sort of flickering warmly on walls ...
Got tickets for the Broken Social Scene concert in July which I look so much forward to going to with Will...
After this I strolled via the flea market. I was a little late and it was already quiet packed with people but I managed to get this nice blue vase and a lovely calendar for my desk...I am so happy about both finds and didn't spend more than 7 Euros
On my way home I biked via the fun fair which was still weird such entertaining places seem when there isn't anyone around...
Glowing tulip in our kitchen, brightened with the evening light..

I hope you all had a good and relaxed day ....
Wish you a great & sunny sunday



Kate said...

lovely lovely photos!

irene said...

oh wie schön - endlich ist es wärmer, auch hier bei mir :)

small caps said...

So tolle Photos! Wow.

Marion said...

love the pink in these !

Michelle said...

I cannot WAIT for the farmers market to start up again. I just moved into an apartment a block away from it! haha not good

Melanie said...

lovely details. i like your shoes.

Dotti said...

Immer wieder muss ich feststellen, wie gleich wir ticken. Die Schuhe hätte ich auch gekauft. Zum Glück mussten wir uns nicht drum streiten. Liebst, Dotti

sunkentreasure said...

smile* We share the same shoes! COS right?
great post again!

Anonymous said...

so so beautiful. i especially love the second to last one.


xo Alison

jeanine said...

i want to sink my teeth into that pastry. yum. also. LOVE broken social scene (they are canadian :) saw them at the osheaga festival a couple years ago and they were AMAZING. enjoy.

Bekväm said...

Yum, yum, yum! I am drooling over that pastry. Makes me want to run down to my local bake shop.

lachsbroetchen said...

ein sehr schöner blog !

Ulrika said...

how great pictures, the light is amazing!
thank you for your sweet comment on me being stuck..!

lea said...

it really sounds like the perfect saturday ritual! love your shoes and what a great find that calendar. have a great weekend maria!

Itziar said...

Ich fliege am Montag nach Hamburg für eine Woche und ich möchte am Wochenende einen Flomarkt besuchen. Könntest du mir einen empfehlen? Deine Bilder sind super schön. Danke!

schorlemädchen said...

@Kate: Thank you.: )
@Irene: Oh ja hier ist es auch endlich warm geworden
@Small cups: Dankeschön
@Marion: Thanks Marion : )
@Michelle: great..I live a block away is just awesome
@Melanie: Thank you dear Melanie
@Dotti: Oh nein gestritten hätten wir uns nicht..Danke liebe Dotti
@Sunkentreasure: Yes, the shoes are COS : )
@The next arrow: Thank you so much
@Jeanine: Yes they are Canadian..I spend a while i Toronto but missed to go to a concert of them..I can't wait : )
@bekväm: They are so yummy : )
@ Lachsbrötchen: Dankeschön : )
@ Ulrika...Thank you dear Ulrika
@ Lea: It is a nice ritual : ) Have a great weekend too Lea
@ Itziar: samstags ist immer ein Flohmarkt am Schlachthof. Einfach U2 Feldstraße aussteigen über die Straße. Man kann ihn nicht verpassen. Viel Spaß in Hamburg