Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The shadows are back

The perfect cloud
Biking home in the Spring sun
Blue Sky
Here too
They are just back
The shades are back
The shades are back
The shades are back

What a beautiful day it was yesterday.
When I was riding back from work I just loved the sky, the sun, 16° degrees....Oh Spring, you're back...we all
missed you here a lot...
When I came into our apartment I realized the shadows are back, too...and how beautiful they are...I love having them back : )

I am also still happy because of those two young Swedish girls I saw last night. Such great voices..



irene said...

so ein schöner titel! bei mir sind sie auch zurück :) ach ja, und endlich wieder radfahren. toll, so ein frühling.

Marion said...

fleet fowes ? oh ! hope it was cool !

bastisRIKE said...

als das nesthaeckchen von dreien, finde ich es immer spannend schwestern zu sehen, die scheinbar eine besondere beziehung zueinander haben. die zb hobby oder beruf teilen ... schoen ist das :)

freundlich grueßt

jana said...

spring is the best. and i like your look :) lg

that kate said...

oh so lovely!

Anonymous said...

that's singing? 8p

marie said...

ah love these! especially the bike shot, cool shoes :)

melski said...

gorgeous! i especially like no 6 and no 7 :)

stephanie renee said...

they are my favorite, i would love to see them!

Essi said...


●• Thereza said...

ohh Maria, that door handle made my day! :)
beautiful pictures as per usual.

Kim said...

First Aid Kit: such gorgeous voices! Your sky is so beautiful too.

schorlemädchen said...

@Irene: Danke liebe Irene..Morgen wird hier auch wieder geradelt : )
@Marion: The band I saw is called the first aid kits and they covered once a fleet foxes song..quiet amazing..
@BastisRike: Danke dir...ich finde das auch toll
@jana: Thanks Jana..I LOVE Spring
@That kate: Thanks Kate : )
@marie: thank of my favourite shoes...and I am happy it is Spring and I can wear them again
@melski: thanks melski...have a great weekend in your lovely city
@stephanie: oh I hope you have the chance to see them was a great concert
@essi: thank you!
@Thereza: Oh Thereza..I feel flattered..thank you..have a great weekend
@Kim..Thank you..I would say the German sky tried to beat the Australian : )

hannah said...

wonderful use of shadows! i love your photos :)