Saturday, April 10, 2010


Walking home
Coffee for two
Afternoon coffee
Where is the rainbow
CUT Magazine
CUT Magazine
Cut Magazine
Cut Magazine
CUT Magazine

I loved this Friday..

Waking up and the sun is shining...
Coming back early from work in the afternoon..
Going out with a very good friend to a nice coffee place around the corner...
Coming back into a sunny flat..
Smiling about some sun on a "rainy pillow"...
Reading in the new CUT magazine...It is such a great combination of
crafting, inspiration for little sewing projects, fashion and little stories and interviews about crafter or designer, like this lady. They even have sewing patterns and step by step manuals and many other do-it-yourself-ideas in it...
It is made with love and you can see and feel this on every single page...

A good Friday...I hope you also had a good start into the weekend..
What are you planning to do on this (Spring-y) weekend??

Have a wonderful weekend everyone...



Trixi said...

Hey, ein neues Café? Sieht auf jeden Fall lecker aus! Beneidenswert, dass du früh Feierabend hattest, aber ich habe auch noch ein paar Sonnenstrahlen abbekommen.... Und: Das neue CUT Magazin ist echt sehr schön geworden.

Boris said...

sehr kunstvoll, der milchschaum :) und schön fotografiert!

●• Thereza said...

Maria, i just adore your red shoes :) have a fab weekend, dear!

Anonymous said...

those pillows in that light...beautiful.

xo Alison

Zelda was a writer said...

you too!! wonderful post!

máni said...

wonderful post! the world just looks better with some sunlight. :)
i love your shoes!

chrrristine said...

wir erholen uns dieses wochenende vom besuch der schwiegereltern (bzw eltern)... bei viel sonne, wie es aussieht.
ich warte auch auf die neue cut, ich hatte sie bestellt nachdem ich auf deinem blog von davon gelesen hatte und fand die erste ausgabe die ich bekommen habe super, danke fuer den tip!
wuensch dir noch ein erholsames restwochenende, liebe gruesse!

Anna Emilia said...

Dear Maria,

It looks very pretty your Friday.

Here, the spring surprised and happily with no plans I ended up bicycling most of the Saturday, up a hill to eat the best sugared buns in town, down the hill and other side of a lake to see if anything is growing already in the arboretum, back home, letting the bike rest awhile and get all the dust out from home. Evening with dear friends and today mostly just relaxing and listening sweet melodies, four pots of tea.

Have a good beginning week Maria!

jana said...

danke fuer die cut-fotos, die zeitschrift sieht so nett aus, ich hab sie mir jetzt auch bestellt! lieben gruss!

Maria Helena said...

your red shoes are soooo cool :P
and the Donna Wilson's pillow is one of my all time favourites, looks beautiful :) I'm filled with envy right now, hehe