Tuesday, February 23, 2010



There was sun and snow yesterday. A good combination.
I catched up with friends for coffee and also with the local photobooth for a bunch of pictures. I loved the colour of the sky when I walked home and wished at the same time to be far away..

I got this new Broken Social Scene song World Sick the other day. It is so good and you should listen to it...maybe a bit louder than usual.

It took them five long years to produce a new album and I can't wait to listen to it.
Five years!
Thinking back it is crazy to realize how many things have happened every since: places I have visited, people I haven't known back than and are now big parts of my life, I finished my study and started a job which seemed so far away back than..and this space I am writing on right now was not even an idea five years ago...
...It makes me so curious about the future...



melski said...

Yeah, five years is a long time! My life now was inconceivable five years ago. I'm curious about the future too...

Thanks for you comment on my post :) Was about to email you in reply then realised I couldn't (your email's not activated) but oh well, here goes:
Yep, Frankie is great! I was really excited to have the lastest issue arrive in the mail last week. I got a subscription for from my Kris Kringle from Mr J's family and it was the first issue to arrive. A great christmas present I think!

What other magazines do you like? I'm in a real magazine browsing phase at the moment. Any recommendations? (I don't mind if I can't read the language)

How did you discover Frankie? Hope you get to read it again soon!

Sathya said...

oh yes time is such a magical thing... sometimes it´s running like crazy and then it stands still..

the coffee place looks great!

Anonymous said...

Ooh, old photobooths. :) Also, time is a funny thing. So much happens in 5 years. Have a good week!

gine said...

Oooh superschöne Fotos ^^! LG

Marion said...

die photoautomat ist super !

Trula said...

True, life five years ago. Quite nice to think back and realize how much has actually happened.