Sunday, February 28, 2010

bits and bobs

blue sky
police officer
ceramic heads
A lovely cat bottle opener
oh blue sky
Herr Max
beloved mini chocolate tartes
Tulips and sun
Fleamarket find
Fleamarket find

Blues Sky, flea market, and lovely little treasures everywhere

#1: saw this wonderful sky-matching flash on a wall
#2: there were many nice little, also a bit odd things at the flea market today, like those monkeys
#3: ...a gentle looking policeman doll
#4: ...this box with ceramic heads (I was wondering who might have broken them and why) and
#5: the adorable cat bottle opener..
#6: I enjoyed the blue sky and the bits of sun we had today a lot
#7: also went to Herr Max to get a few mini chocolate tartlets and
#8: passed glowing tulips
#9: This is my little flea market find.
I keep the chocolate tartlets I got in them, not long I guess :)

A good Saturday it was...
How was yours?


jana said...

uaah, that "herr max" place looks great. as do their schoko-tartlets. schönen samstagabend!!

MrsLittleJeans said...

I can tell you have great fun....I am still working on it

lovely rain
needed gym
delightful breakfast with sweetheart
cleaning (thank god it is done
reading your blog (fun fun)
studying (need to)
make dinner for guest visiting from Congo

I cannot ask for more...have a lovely Sunday too!

Svenja said...

ich hatte einen sehr netten samstag.
bei herrn max war ich leztes wochenende auch.
schau mal hier:
das ist wohl die schwester deiner dose. : )

Zelda was a writer said...

questo post è magnifico!
this post is simply wonderful!!
good saturday here, it was sunny... today? rain rain rain. :(

smilla said...

...was du für schöne. schöne fotos machst! Hut ab und so!!! :-)

mieke willems said...

all nice things! but that cat bottle opener is just brilliant!

Anonymous said...

spectacular set!

xo Alison