Sunday, February 21, 2010


the floor of the entrance
melting snow...
i really like the handwriting of this sign, it says 'don't lean your bike there'
oh sun...
love the shape of the dutch bikes backlight
sky getting blue
Neighbours door
The favourite pastry with blueberries...hmm

A view pictures from this morning on my way to the markets. It was early for a Saturday but the weather seemed to become good which was reason enough to get up. The grey sky turned blue after a while and the sun came out here and there...niiicceee

#1 The entrance floor of the house I am living in.
#2 bright sky
#3 It has plus temperatures and the snow is starting to melt away ....
#4 I really like the handwriting of this little note in a window in a street close to my says "please don't leave your bike here"
#5 the sun and the spire-less church
#6 I really like the shape of those dutch bikes backlight
#7 finally blue
#8 I am surrounded by a view nice doors in our neighbourhood...this is one of them
#9 the Saturday tradition, my favourite pastry with blueberry. It is so good and not really sweet, just perfect with tea...

A wonderful weekend to everyone.



ktinka said...

schön! ich hab den sonnenschein leider heute irgendwie verpasst, als ich mich endlich aufgerafft habe war es wolkig. hoffe ich hab morgen nochmal glück.

Zelda was a writer said...

dear maria,
you make me smile and dream!
thanks a lot and BACI!

jana said...

mmm, your favourite pastry looks well chosen :)
we had a sunny day here too, but there is never any snow that the sun could melt...
happy weekend!

T_ina said...

rezept ;-)?

●• Thereza said...

ohhh wonderful... stunning pictures, as usual. have a great weekend too Maria :)

irene said...

hab noch einen schönen sonntagabend - die fotos sind wieder einmal wunderschön!

Marion said...

this is i guess my favourite post ever on this blog !!!

melski said...

i love that door! It's awesome

schorlemädchen said...

@ktinka: ich hab auch schon oft den sonnenschein verschlafen..ich hoffe aber dass der hier jetzt mal öfters vorbeischaut
@Zelda was a writer: and this made me smile..thank you so much
@jana: oh be glad..i am so tired of snow right now
@T_ina: das Franzbrötchen war leider nicht selbst gemacht sorry
@Thereza: oh thanks dear..i hope you had a good weekend too
@irene: danke Irene...hoffe es geht dir gut
@Marion: oh what a nice compliment Marion..thank you so much
@ melski: thank you:) i really like it too