Monday, August 20, 2012

Oh Positano II

Biggest lemons!
Oh this red!
beautiful views everywhere
walking stairs
On the ground
Ice cream at the beach
On our way to get dinner - Positano
Food Positano

Some more photos from our time in Positano. 

It looks like we found an apartment but of course we are waiting and waiting to hear back if we'll get it. Fingers crossed!

Have a great week.



Anna Emilia said...

Fingers crossed here for you!

What a beautiful spot you found in Italy. These photos make me hungry, for food but also for traveling again. Instead I will make a small walk to the allotment garden to meet a friend there on a bench. Maybe hot chocolate in a thermo and some cookies, as the day is a bit cold. The autumn scents arriving. And blowing so many golden birch tree seeds all over.

Sunny afternoon greetings!

Lisa said...

Oh, Italy… ♡
I hope you'll get the appartment!

* HOPSCOTCH * ~ Charlyn said...

What a magical place, Maria!

I hope you get the apartment!!!
*fingers and toes crossed!*

Kate said...

Oh Maria - it looks so romantic!

Crossing my fingers you also get the apartment :)

Marion said...

These pictures are perfect and I'll keep my eyes and fingers crossed for you two !

MANDY said...

Hi Maria,
I'm a bit behind on my blog reading ... so loving all your holiday shots (and I don't think photos without people are boring (especially yours) ... good luck with the apartment, not an easy job in Sydney !!!

studio meez said...

Italy, one of my favorite places to travel. Lovely pictures and places!
Crossing my fingers for you.

small caps said...

Fingers crossed. Good luck, Maria!

melski said...

gorgeous! hope you get the apartment...

jana said...

aaah ich drück auch die daumen, ganz fest!

Alexandra K. (shurupchik) said...

fingers definetely crossed =))

rike said...

fingers and paws crossed!

(i allways get hungry in view of beautiful posts like this)


Debie Grace said...

:) The third photo looks very serene! :)