Saturday, August 11, 2012

Italy - Venice I


Our trip to Italy was great. It is funny but it was my first real trip to Italy which for a German is a bit surprising as it is one of our number 1 travel destinations. I have only been once when I was 15 but this time we did quiet a tour and saw a lot. I would love to show you all the photos at once but I guess I have to go step by step....

Italy is such a wonderful country. I will probably say it in every post about this trip but the food we had was simply amazing. Tomatoes so red and sweet that all I wanted to eat all day was tomato salad but well there were of course also the pizzas, pastas, biscotti's, fruits see, I could write about it for a long time.

The first couple of days we spent in Venice. Walking up and down the little bridges, eating ice cream, resting in parks, drinking a belini at Harry's bar and more walking, walking, walking....



Tery said...

amazing photos!

agnieszka said...

the last one is my favourite

Lizeylou said...

Can you believe that I travelled the world for 2 and a half years and I never went to Italy - not once! How silly was I!!!
SO very envious of your holiday - it looks and sounds amazing!

Trixi said...

Haben oft an euch gedacht, bin so gespannt auf alle weiteren Fotos!

Anonymous said...

a couple of my friends just spend a few days in venice on their travels through europe. it's a beautiful city and i would love to go back for a visit.


Hannah Bacalla said...

Lovely pictures. These make me want to visit Italy someday. I can't wait to see more.

Debie Grace said...

Oh! I love all these photos! Italy, I will visit you someday :)

Alexandra K. (shurupchik) said...

love the photos!! I have never really been to Italy as well.. just a couple of days in Rome. Definetely need to fix that =)
waiting for your other Photos!