Friday, June 10, 2011



Hello everyone,

Did you have a good week?
I have been to Singapore for work this week and oh my it was hot and humid. On some days we had 93% humidity by 32°C. I was really wondering how people who live there handle this weather - I guess they are just used to it. I had some time and could walk around the city and take some pictures, but sometimes it was even to hot to get the camera out...
How crazy is the Marina Bay Sands building. It really looks like a boat on three skyscrapers.

I am back in Sydney now and look forward to a long weekend (thank's to the Queens birthday on Monday)

Thanks for all your lovely comments on my last post, I can't wait to start sewing the top.


Adie Andrews said...

That building is more than crazy with that swiming pool on the top. But honestly I love it, the creativty and the whole imaginations of the architectures are amazing

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máni said...

wow, singapore! that's amazing.
and that building is super crazy. it's even beyond my imagination to build something like this...

Mary said...

nice that you could get out your saltwater sandals in singapore.
lovely photos!

Kristina said...

super pictuers. I have been living in Singapore for a year and somehow you get used to the heat and the humidity. in the end I was even walking outside with cardigans etc, not feeling that hot. loved my time there, great place!

kristina said...

Wonderful pictures! And wonderful sandals :-)

Tana said...

lovely photos! the marina bay sands building is really like a boat, wonderful design

amanda jane said...

this looks amazing!

Charlyn W said...

I was born there, and one of the times when I went back to visit, it was so humid, my eyelashes wouldn't even curl! hahaaaaa

The food there is deeelicious....mmm

May said...

That might be the wildest building I've ever seen. Not my type of building, but the cantilevered "ship" is pretty amazing!

MANDY said...

I remember being in Singapore years ago and it was so so humid too ...great pics Maria.
My daughter and I had breakfast this morning at a cafe called Room 10 in Potts Point,do you know it? Very good coffee, I thought of you.
Hope you have a lovely long weekend Maria XXX

Aaron said...

Pictures are good. Especially the building. Amazing design.

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Kelly P. said...

your blog and photos are so sweet- and I love your saltwater sandals! :)