Sunday, June 5, 2011

Cafés & Patterns

Café Clipper Glebe
Bookstore café Glebe
Pattern and fabric
Liberty Pattern
Sale scores
Café Room 10
such great sandwiches we had there

A wonderful weekend is coming to its end. Autumn feels beautiful here in Sydney.

#1 Spending the morning with friends at Glebe markets
#2 Café Clipper in Glebe
#3 Bookstore and Café in one - always a great combination
#4 We walked through Balmain trying to find the little fabric store I had a voucher for and where I got
#5 this fabric for the Jenny's beautiful tank top which I will sew very soon
#6 Some sale finds
#7/8/9 A tiny café in our neighbourhood which makes amazing sandwiches. It is so great to have a good café close by

How was your weekend.

A beautiful song for you.



Anonymous said...

what a great place you live in! makes me jealous of your days.. <3

Charlyn W said...

A perfect weekend indeed!
Wonderful cafés and fabrics! Annnd, Wiksten is amaaaaaazing.

kristina - no penny for them said...

this looks so good. and those sandwiches! will have some like that once i'm back to normal eating.

máni said...

love every single photo. i like how they seem to be colour coordinated. you have a great eye for colour. i'm looking forward to see the finished tank top. happy sewing!!

MANDY said...

I haven't been to Glebe markets for so long and that cafe looks adorable (love the bike on the wall).
Just lovely Maria

anne said...

I like those fabrics

Mandy said...

your photos are beautiful! glad to have stumbled across your blog.

Tana said...

great the photos! the cafe&bookstore is really good combination!

P R I M O E Z A said...

love that fabric. and socks and shoes - very cute.

chrrristine said...

wow, der Stoff für das Wiksten-Top ist phantastisch, ich freu mich auf das Ergebnis! Liebe Grüße!

Kristina said...

sieht wirklich nach einem tollen wochenende aus - liebe die bilder der cafés, sehen total gemütlich aus!!
wir hatten ja ein langes wochenende hier und ich war mit meinem freund im elsass campen. und nun ist leider schon wieder montag.... :)

Trula said...

Great choice of fabric for the top. Happy sewing.

olalla said...

wow, what a wonderful places!

barbarabeesblog said...

This cafe in glebe looks phantastic.

jana said...

Hallo liebe Maria. Was für ein toller toller Stoff...und die Wiksten Patterns sind bestimmt super, ich träume auch ab und zu davon :)
Eine Mail an dich hängt angefangen in 'drafts'...aber ich befürchte ich werde sie erst nächste Woche zu Ende schreiben, wenn ich eeeeendlich dieses Uniprojekt abgegeben habe.
Drück dich xxx

cara said...

those cafes look great! i think we need a little bit more cafe culture infused in adelaide. love the little outdoor section. and those fabrics!

fast times in münchen. said...

Ah Gorman on sale. I'm so jealous! Everytime I go back to Sydney, that's the first place I go to shop. I love what you bought. Btw, thanks for the Berlin tips. I used so many of them. I think we spent half our time at Cafe Oliv. We even saw Palina from MTV having coffee there. David LOVES her. Sad, I know. The flohrmarkt was unreal and just around the corner from our apartment. We can't wait to return. Thanks again. xxx

Tiffany said...

good luck with your top! i love my little pouch and always admire how well-made it is:)

Anonymous said...

Oh la tela tan linda.
i like your blog.


shannanj said...

love the fabrics

Anna said...

Beautiful fabrics and places to relax!

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