Friday, October 15, 2010

red - green and a ferry ride

On the ferry
on the ferry

I am really fond of ferries - I always enjoyed this bit of my trips to Copenhagen most when I lived in Hamburg or remember the many times when I was a kid and my grandmother took me with her on a little trip.
On Tuesday I went on a really small ferry trip to Balmain which is a neighbourhood here. It was 25° and actually quite humid and I think this is why I didn't take so many pictures, despite the fact that it is quiet a pretty area. I think I need to go back on a Saturday when they have their weekly markets there. Anyways, after I came back I realized that the images I took show lots of green and red :)

Have you listened to the new album from Sufjan Stevens, yet? It is so different to his older stuff but so great. We can't stop listening to it and wish he would come down under for a concert.

I also would like to share two links with you.

#1 Two of my very good friends from back home started their own little online - store at which they sell really beautiful, with love-made goodies. Have a look.

#2 I stumbled over the amazing Patchwork Project yesterday. It is a collaborative quilt project where people come together and craft quilts to raise money for a good cause. The three quilts they made are so amazing.


whitney said...

i love those shoes! i've been looking for some in that color.

Anna Emilia said...

Oh Maria, (Good morning! I am having my morning tea and a few rows of knitting here with you.)

Those colors! So beautiful, make me to wake up finally. And ferries, they have my heart too, those big metal floaters. This has been my favorite ferry ride:

Funny part is that even these ferries are not rocking so much in the waves and I don´t get seasick that easily, I feel "land sick" instead anytime I step out from the ferry. When I then go to sleep after the ride, I feel the waves taking over my body for a long time. It is actually pretty nice, to have the sea inside me for a little longer.

Waiting your new ride eagerly.

Warmest weekend thoughts from the first snow sceneries Maria!

that kate said...

Beautiful shoes! I do enjoy a short ferry ride, but get a bit scared when they go too far out in the middle of nowhere.

I will have to check out the new Sufjan stevens as i used to be a big fan!

barbarabeesblog said...

Moin, habe deinen blog gestern entdeckt, gefällt mir sehr gut und man kann es schlechter treffen als nach Syndney zu gehen. Mich hat es von HH nach Wiesbaden verschlagen und das bringts nun echt nicht. Ich bin schon so lange hier, dass ich nicht mal wusste, dass es Blaubeerfranzbrötchen gibt. Ich musste nämlich mit Entsetzen feststellen, dass es hier GAR KEINE gibt. Machs gut da unten. Tschüß

Alice said...

Oh die Bilder sind so schön!
Ich habe jedes einzelne von ihnen genossen.
Deine Schuhe sind wirklich hübsch und ich
finde es toll wie du sie mit den Söckchen
kombiniert hast!;) xx, Alice

ann.meer said...

sehr schön! verfolge deinen blog schon lange. toll!
schau doch mal bei mir vorbei bei gelegenheit. :)

Maggie said...

I love your recent photos of exploring Australia and your new home, it is so much fun to kind of take a "tour" with you. :) I especially love the first photo here--your shoes are fantastic!

ania said...

your photos are great! i want to go to sydney some day, there must be great :)

fast times in münchen. said...

i used to live in manly so im missing ferry rides. thank you for reminding how beautiful they are. it'll be too cold to wear my campers here soon. such a shame. x

Zelda was a writer said...

hi maria,
i wrote a post about your blog, you can find it here:
hope you like it!
baci from italy

Barbara said...

gotta love your shoes and those beautiful pictures

sandra said...

deine schuhe sind so schön! auch die farben in dieser post (diesem post? post? haha, muss mein deutsch üben und mein wörterbuch finden!) :)

jasmin said...

hi Maria - so nice that you visited balmain - i grew up there - we used to jump off all the wharves as kids and swim in the harbour 'til the ferry came in. If you go back - a little tip - the next suburb is called Rozelle - the markets there on a Sunday are much much better than the Saturday Balmain ones - specially for treasures and bits and pieces, vintage clothes etc etc. Balmain markets used to be like that. ciao for now

Kristina said...

Wow, this looks like a great ferry ride!!
And the shoes are super cute! Love them!
Viele Gruesse aus dem verregneten Bern,

KERRY said...

I love your photos. And I love your shoes! I haven't heard the new album...only have Illonois, which I adore...I'll have to give the new one a go. Thanks for the tip!

Kirsten said...

Liebe Maria,
es ist so schön, Dir durch Deinen Bilder folgen zu können!
Sieht toll aus da drüben bei Dir! Ich drücke die Daumen, dass es weiterhin so toll bleibt... xxx Deine Kirsten