Wednesday, October 6, 2010


The green house
Hard work
I found this chair on the street
One of the little bags I made
On of the little bags I made
I just like green and this light rose colour
Eatable berries on the street
Pattern Inspiration
Single Origin Café - best coffee
Just look up
Goat cheese sandwich -- hm

Here are a few images from my last two days.

#1-4 I was out for a walk in Elizabeth Bay - saw a great house wearing a 'green eyemask' and a cobweb which looked like it was lots of work:) Walking there I stumbled over a nice wooden chair, standing there with all sorts of other stuff ready to end up in the trash. I took it with me, cleaned it, oiled the wood and put new fabric on it. I already love it.

# 5/6 I also wanted to show you two of the little bags I made for friends. They are so easy to make and it is so much fun to put fabric together and sew it.

# 7/8 I like how those two images sort of fit together. They look so much like Spring. The rich green, brown and light pink. I saw this tree full with berries today, the berries will turn darker and you can actually eat them. You just need to be faster than the birds.

9-12 A few more shots I took around Surry Hills. If you are in Sydney, make sure you have a coffee at Single Origin. They roast their own beens and you can really taste it. Such good coffee.

#13 A snack I just made. I am trying to track down a store here at which you could actually buy goat cheese with a rind.

How are you this week?
// Maria


The Likkle Girl Who Wurves Pwetty Things said...

Hello Maria,
Have you tried looking for goats' cheese with rind at Formaggi Ocello? (
It is on Bourke Street in Surry Hills, near the Taylor Square end.
They have a pretty good selection of cheeses from all over the world and I got some pretty good goats' cheese (with rind...tee hee hee) from them before.
Good luck! xx

PS. I enjoy looking at my neighbourhood through your eyes/camera lens!

annalyn said...

That chair is beautiful, I hope I can put fabric too some chairs too, but I am not crafty.

And your coffee makes me wanting to drink it :)

whitney said...

those bags you made are so cute!

Anne said...

Lovely set of photos, I particularly like that if the spiderweb, so delicate.

Julia said...

das sind maulbeeren, oder? von denen hab ich im sommer ganz viele gegessen, sind picksüß wenn sie reif sind^^
du hasts gut, dass bei dir schon wieder frühling ist...obwohl, der winter auch schön ist!

fast times in münchen. said...

ah i wish i could find somewhere in munchen that makes coffee like that! im not into latte macchiatos and i dont like drinking my coffee through a straw haha x
ps love your bags, you have lucky friends.

zwergenprinzessin said...

deine fotos sind wirklich immer ein bisschen "aus dem alltag flüchten"... :)

Anna Emilia said...

Dear Maria,

Those eatable berries seem like a spring indeed. Beautifully it goes with that pink shirt.

This week has been good here, the sun is out, I have been out too. But also painting, searching for some new music and knitting. Tonight is a nice show with one of my favorite radio dj´s in the town, my hair is drying now for that. Eager to have my evening tea listening some tunes what he will be playing.

Happy Thursday dear Maria.

Tiffany said...

you've had a heck of a busy two days!

jana said...

der stuhl ist echt ein toller fund! hier konnte man früher auch super möbel auf der strasse finden (einmal in der woche ist "sperrmüll"), spiegel, stühle etc. inzwischen gibt es aber leute die mit lastern runden fahren und alles sofort einkassieren, deshalb muss man viel glück haben.
die täschchen sind schön, und ich mag die farbkombination in deinem look (und bin ein bisschen neidisch über die katemisskette :) ).

melski said...

I like the lining of the bags you've made :) And great tiles. My week has been good but busy. Looking forward to a gentle, sunny weekend. Hope you have a lovely weekend!

Marion said...

love more and more your walks !
Gosh I just need to be in week end now. I am exhausted...

Nav said...

great pictures, that coffee looks delicious!

MANDY said...

Another of my favorite tile photos ... love it,
thanks for the coffee tip, we are heading to Surry Hills for the morning, will make a stop there for sure, have a great weekend !!!

Unknown said...

Wow! Einen echt wunderschönen Blog hast du hier.
Natürlich werde ich dir ab nun liebend gerne folgen. Schau dir doch meinen Blog auch mal an und wenn er dir gefällt tuh das selbe;)
xx, Alice von bells and whistles

Kim said...

Single Origin! Yes! They also have freaky-good muffins :)

Kim said...

Old cameras ... so gorgeous, but yes, too much $$$. My dad has a couple - I want to kidnap them!

Journal de jours said...

Oh, I like your pictures so much !

Katja said...

Your pictures are always so inspiring! I really like the little bags you've made - I'm not good with the sewing machine but they really make me want to try making one too, they are so cute! :)

kristina - no penny for them said...

wow, to find a chair like that would make me very happy indeed - lucky you! :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for all your lovely is so great to read them

paddle to shore said...

I love love love those little bags you made for your friends. How cute!

Stephanie Webb said...

Those bags are sweet. And I recognise that necklace! is it from Sweet Dreams?

KERRY said...

Those bags are so good. I want one! The coffee would be nice right now too.