Thursday, March 25, 2010


Chapel Street Bazaar
Ron Mueck exhibit/Melbourne <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>

Melbourne is a great city. It has quiet an European touch with its laneways and trams and you can get great coffee and food at the many great cafes and restaurants there. I had just two days to explore the city but thanks to the many tips I got they helped me to find some nice places.

#1 Melbourne and its trams
#2 Chapel Street Bazaar in Prahran is the place to find anything you missed out to buy one at fleamarket..they have really everything, vintage jewellery, clothes, ceramic, furniture....
#3 Breakfast at Arcadia in Fitzroy. Muesli w. berries and yoghurt
#4 One of the vintage stores in Fitzroy. Around Brunswick/Gertrude/Swanston/George Street there are so many tiny stores and cafe. Great to spend time there. Thanks for the tip Christine :)
#5/6 We had dinner at Movida Next Door. Amazing tapas and try their sheep milk cheesecake with strawberries!
#7 Oh I am in love with the Australian skies
#8 At the Ron Mueck exhibition which was great
#9 Impressive sculptures
#10 The two old ladies were my favourite
#11 Just STAY

Hope you are all well


Marion said...

you saw the Ron Mueck exhibition ? hope it was fantastic !!!
the rest is lovely

melski said...

Dear Maria, thanks for your lovely comment! Love this post - so great to see Melbourne through your eyes! Ah Arcadia and Movida Next Door, two of my faves :) Glad you liked Babka. Actually, I was just got back from writing some snail mail with an iced coffee there. I haven't seen Ron Mueck yet, but am very keen... what did you think?? Hope you're having a lovely day, melski

Maria said...

How wonderful! I really wish to go there one day. Also wish to see Ron Mueck's sculptures in real life once, lucky you! They are very fascinating.
Nice pictures.

marie said...

im glad you had a good time!

Anonymous said...

neid, neid, neid...
viel spaß noch!

Mary said...

melbourne is such a great city. looks like you had a ball :)
i love the water image :)

hiki said...

Melbourne s wooonderful! I lived near Chapel street for close to 3 years :) Oh how I wish to be there drinking great coffee in a cafe right now!!!

Melanie said...

great shots!

Anonymous said...

I can't ever come back, If I never go
I don't ever explain, if I never know
I won't ever take it, if I never give
and if I never live, if I never live, if I never live
the cure

Kim said...

Beautiful. I love Oz skies too. How did you make your pictures so much bigger? they look great! x

smilla said...

toll, toll, toll, und neidisch bin ich auch :-)

Tim said...

I dont know why I am just now finding your blog...but your images are excellent. I want to go to Melbourne now...

amy said...

the two old ladies are my favourite too :)

that kate said...

Ah a lovely set indeed !!

Koey said...

The two ladies look interesting! It seems they don't like that impressive sculptures.
Hope you are well too:-)

Anonymous said...

there is so much wonderfulness in this post. i adore the colors and light. lovely!

xo Alison

Kim said...

Seabear were really great! I loved them! Thx for the tip about the pics. Marion helped me a little while back. I was thinking of making them even bigger! (I'm so bad at ratios!)

lilie-melo said...

everything there looks so appealling, I like all this bunch of pictures a lot and especially the juxtaposed reflection in the window... it's a wonderful shot.

julia said...

... da sah ich heute ein Mädchen bei h&m in Bielefeld und ich könnte schwören, dass du es warst!
habe ich etwa schon Halluzinationen, weil ich deinen Blog so gerne mag oder habe ich da tatsächlich die Marie gesehen?
warscheinlich aber bist du noch in australien und ich habe Gespenster gesehen...

liebe Grüsse,

julia said...

da habe ich mich also nicht getäuscht!
ja, ein Stups wäre gut gewesen, aber da war ich wohl etwas westfälisch zurückhaltend und ich war unsicher, ob Du vielleicht geschäftlich unterwegs bist ...
sollte ich mal in Hamburg auftauchen und ich sehe Dich,, dann stupse ich ganz bestimmt!
hübsch hast Du ausgesehen!
ein Gruss

Dotti said...

Ach, wat schön!

schorlemädchen said...

@Marion: Thanks Marion. It was a really great exhibition..I really enjoyed it
@Melski: Thanks for your you know that I love the word snail mail...: ) Oh and I really think you should see the is quiet impressive...
@Maria: Thank you so much. I really enjoyed it too
@Marie: Thanks : )
@lalatika: Du musst auch mal dort hinreisen, es ist wirklich wunderschön
@Mary: Thanks Mary, it was great..I really loved Melbourne
@Hiki: I can just imagine how great it must be to live in such a wonderful city...all the great cafes..ahhh
@Melanie: Thank you so much Melanie
@Anonym: Thanks ; )
@Kim: They are very special, arent they
@Smilla: Danke dir
@Tim: Oh thanks Tim, that is a nice compliment..go to would love the food there
@Amy: thanks again for your tip to go to the exhibit...I loved it..and the grannies : )
@That Kate: Thanks dear
@Koey: Thank you...
@the next arrow..thank you..yes the light is just great down there
@lilie-melo: thank you so much for your nice comment
@Julia: Danke dir : )
@Dotti: Danke dir liebste Dotti

Fine Little Day said...

O, the two old ladies.

famapa said...

the naked ron mueck pic is genius! I love his stuff, kinda makes you catch your breath, doesn't it? the pic above it is pretty special too!

claire said...

oh melbourne. i think it is my favourite city in all the world.