Friday, March 5, 2010

The counting has an end

The sun made my day today
I can't wait to come to the homeland of Vegemite
Clothes piles are ready
Good night
It has been a very sunny day today. And I just love when you go out the door in the morning, feel the sun and also see how much it can change everything...I guess we just had way too little sun this Winter which is why I appreciate every single minute of it.
But I was also pretty happy because my little countdown is coming to its end...
The clothes piles are ready, cameras and films are packed, the ipod filled with some good music and I am quiet excited about tomorrow when a plane and me in it, will take off flying to Australia.
I look so much forward to being there...not just to take pictures, enjoy the amazing blue skies and the sun, but most of all to see a certain person....
If anyone has some good tips for Melbourne or Sydney, I would love to read about your favourite places...
A 23h trip is waiting for me...and I should better get some sleep..
Good night


chrrristine said...

ich wuensch dir eine ganz tolle zeit!
wie lange bleibst du denn?
auf Miso's blog bin ich letztens ueber eine schoene karte von Melbourne gestolpert:
kennst du ihre arbeit? davon gibt es bestimmt in melbournes strassen viel zu sehen.
ich freu mich auf bilder vom anderen ende der welt.
liebe gruesse + bis bald!

Trixi said...

Aah ich freu mich so für dich! Tolle Tipps habe ich nicht wirklich, aber du kannst in Melbourne mal ins Espy gehen und dort ein paar Biere für mich trinken ;)

jana said...

Gute Reise!!!

amy said...

oh you're visiting my little country! if you're bored in melbourne i can always take you out for coffee :) the national galleries are wonderful, ron mueck is on at the moment.

elena gold said...

have a wonderful trip! :)

melski said...

how exciting!

I'm ditto with Amy, I'm a melbourne girl too :) The galleries really are fabulous! ... I've been sitting staring at the screen for a quite a few minutes trying to decide what to recommend cause I love my city and exploring new places and my boyfriend writes a coffee blog so I have a lot of faves...

Ok, I love Babka for pastry and breakfasts. It's 358 Brunswick St, Fitzroy.
St Ali has great coffee: 12 Yarra Place, South Melbourne.
and my boyfriend always suggests Switchboard, it's in Manchester Unity Arcade, 220 Collins St, CBD.
Another yummy bakery/cafe (I've noticed on your blog that you share my love of pastry!) is Sugardough at 163 Lygon St, Brunswick.

Ideas keep popping into my head but I don't want to overwhelm you with suggestions or write the worlds longest comment, so I'd better stop! If you'd like more or to know favourite streets for cafes and fun clothes and other shops feel free to email me, melskimoments(at)gmail(dot)com

Hope you have a great trip and remembered to pack the monocle :)

Mary said...

how briiliant! have a wonderful trip!!
i'm from new zealand and so i'm more than a little jealous :)
the pot of vegemite looks very chic on your shelf amongst your china.

Marion said...

Oh my !
Australia ? How great !
Please please take tons of pictures ! I would looooove to see Australia through your eyes. Enjoy, keep your eyes open !

Irene said...

hej maria! hab eine schöne reise!

Anonymous said...

dann hast du noch die kälte von heute morgen mitbekommen und vielleicht schneit es auch noch am wochenende... aber bei dir ist ab jetzt warm. komm' bald wieder! sxs

MrsLittleJeans said...

Don't forget to see the Baha'i House of Worship is Sydney...well actually outside in Monavale...then go to the nearby beach, for sure have fish and chips and the best steak pies and fries...oh, you are so lucky! Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Go to Studley Park Boathouse in Kew, Melbourne, an hire a little row boat to paddle on the river! So much fun!

Clovelly in Sydney is lovely, and so is Leichhardt St and the "Spanish Quarter"

Have fun! Hope you love Australia!

that kate said...

Hope you have a wonderful trip! Look forward to seeing your pics!

pierre said...


Anonymous said...

@Christine: Danke dir...drei Wochen bin ich ist wunderbar warm hier..und ich geniesse es total..Miso"s blog kannte ich noch nicht. Danke dir fuer den Tipp, die Karte werde ich mir mal genau ansehen:) bis bald...ich mag deine Bilder im Maerz sehr
@Trixi: Ach Trixi, schoen ist es hier..ein Bierchen werde ich fuer dich in Melbourne trinken :)
@Jana:Danke :)
@Amy:Oh I will have a look this gallery. Thanks for the tip seems we just have 2 days in Melbourne but coffee sounds really great..I would just drop you an email but thank you so much for your offer...I look forward to seeing your great city.
@melski: Aww....thank you so much for the lovely tips...I am here in Australia since Saturday and it is so warm and so good to be here...
I packed the Monocole :) It seems we just stay in Melbourne for two days..but I would write you and email about a coffee or something like this...thanks for this lovely offer...
@Mary:Thank you so much Mary
@Marion:I am super excited to be here to Marion..and I already took a fair bit of picutres...just need to find a bit time to post them :)
@Irene. Danke dir Irene..das ist lieb von dir
@Anonym:Zum Glueck ist die Kaelte total an mir vorbeigegangen...
MrsLittleJeans: Oh thank you so much for those tipps...I look so much forward to being in Sydney too...Thanks
@Anonymous:Thanks you so much for those tips...:)
@that Kate:Thanks Kate, it is so nice warm here..I am really enjoying it..and I take lots of pictures
@pierre: Thanks Pierre:)

Dotti said...

Mein Fernweh fliegt mit dir mit, liebe Maria. Und ich wünsche dir, dass du wiúndervolle Tage am anderen Ende der Wel verbringst und viele Souvenirs mitbringst.

Alles Liebe aus der Schweiz, Dotti

melski said...

you're welcome :) hope you're having a fabulous time! look forward to seeing &hearing about it...