Wednesday, November 18, 2009

London second day

there was sunwall
don't mix it up
coffee at tate
tate cafè
oh donna wilson
river café
The sun was shining on the second morning. How I loved it to wake up and to see the blue sky.
It was the day of the last exam too. My boyfriend put some new music (listen) on my Ipod and I walked to the Millenium bridge listening to it and waiting there for him to go and see some exhibits at Tate Modern.
How great this place is - and I was thinking how just amazing it is to live in a city like London and have the chance to go there whenever you feel like...and this for free. We had a coffee afterwards in the little cafè they have on the last level...and the view was just amazing. I really enjoyed sitting there. We also went to the museum shop and I saw the kids book "The Three Robbers" and I rememberd how much I loved this when I was a kid. Do you know this book too?We spent the afternoon in Shoreditch where I stumbled over a nice store where they sell all the great stuff from Donna Wilson. I love her cushions and was thinking of getting this one.
In the evening we celebrated the last exam with a nice dinner at the River Cafè it was amazing food. We had pannacotta with grappa and an amazing chocolate cake for dessert..hmm...

Hope you are having a great week..


thatkate said...

I enjoyed your London photos. You captured it beautifully! I need to find that Pannacotta!

Dotti said...

Oh, ist es etwa DAS River Café? Das Kochbuch-Dingens? Ich habe fast alle der Kochbücher und kann mir nur zu gut vorstellen, dass du ganz wunderbar geschlemmt hast... Hm.

Übrigens, meine Liebe. Ich habe dich jetzt endlich mal auf meine Bloglist gepackt – da gehörst du definitiv hin. Wenn du magst, freue ich mich natürlich über selbiges.


schorlemädchen said...

Ja liebe Dotti..das war dieses River Café...wir haben auch so ne kleine Sammlung davon hier stehen..die sind ganz toll...und es gibt sogar ein Neues...musst du mal sehen..und ...du bist doch schon ganz lange auf meiner Bloglist : )
auf bald : )

Brian F said...

wonderful photos - and river cafe! i'm so jealous. i can't wait to eat there.

jenna said...

is that ice cream with pomegranites!? wow. i really like what i see here on your blog. :)

sunkentreasure said...

Great looks of London!
NOW I need to book it..